World’s Project DAS year 7: A Dance Recital

When in Manila, we cannot deny that we’ve been to either one or more dance recitals in some point of our lives. Here in our country rich in art and culture, we too have our own contribution to the world of Street dance and Hiphop. Winning the World Hiphop Dance Championships more than once, our country definitely has that edge in the art of performance. But of course, not everyone has the gift to move and groove. In fact most of us learn and hone it from dance classes. Dance Avenue Studio is such a venue wherein we can learn not just the techniques and styles in dance but also the passion and unity that is found in the Hiphop culture.

Recently, It has yet again presented its summer dance workshop recital entitled:

 World’s Project DAS year 7 last Saturday, June 9, 2012 (2:30 and 7:00 pm), in Ateneo’s Henry Lee Irwin Theatre.

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DAS or Dance Avenue Studio welcomes anyone, as in literally anyone who’s willing to learn dance. It offers a spectrum of dance styles ranging from ballet, jazz funk, LA style and such. It’s also the home of high school dance groups such as High Impact (Marist School) and Sayawatha (Miriam College High School)


Irwin theatre was definitely jampacked 


The recital started with the “traditional” entrance from the audience’s side up to the gathering of all summer workshop students on stage.


Then an opening number from the chosen students of each class.


There was a whooping number of 17 classes and each class had 2 production numbers each.



These are photos of my former dance troupe in high school, Sayawatha. They definitely brought it with their girly-swag attitude and commendable dance routines.


Another memorable routine was from High Impact, Marist’s dance group. These boys were so full on smooth moves and energy, the girls from the audience couldn’t stop screaming!



Who would’nt remember these routines from the ballet and kids’ class? They were so cute!


A hot routine was performed by Jazz funk. This class was under Gio Gahol, a former dancer in ADMU’s CADs (Company of Ateneo Dancers)


It was surprising as some of the classes’ own choreographers danced with their students! Spot Jhong Mesina here.

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All in all it was a recital full of energy, swag, attitude and entertainment. It definitely made my day because I also saw my former coach in Sayawatha, Mr. Ryan C. Silva! Oh the memories!

Hoping for next summer’s DAS recital 8! Congratulations!

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