World’s Largest Clam Hatches Over 9 Million Eggs in Palawan

In Palawan, clam species are reproduced via on-site spawning. The native clam species in the province is recorded as the largest in the world and has produced over 9 million eggs.

According to Malampaya Foundation (MFI), approximately 9.5 million eggs have been fertilized. The hatchery, located at Binduyan Puerto Princesa by the Western Philippines University, is breeding and studying the Tridacna gigas, which was declared extinct in the 80s.

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Photo from Malampaya Foundation

Under the guidance of national scientist Dr. Ed Gomez, the spawning at Dos Palmas resort has been successful. They shared that the Tridacna will be deployed in marine protected areas of North Palawan when they have all sufficiently matured.