Works of Heart Workshop Series: Drawing Board

Works of Heart Workshop Series: Drawing BoardDRAWINGBOARD3_final_500kb with sponsors

Works of Heart is a Design Agency, a cause-oriented business, and a movement that believes in the power of art and design to be used as tools for social change. We provide design services to mission-based organizations (NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, and startups). One of our goals is to have art and design be appreciated more by Filipinos, and as a movement, we envision a country that invests in design solutions to catapult ideas to their great potential. In line with this, we are having our second Drawing Board Series: 6 workshops in the span of four weeks, starting on September 20, 2014, to be held in o2 Space Solutions in Makati City.

We believe that great brands and great designs all start with an idea, enlightened by the passion to create change, and sketched first and foremost on a drawing board -an artist and designer’s space to ideate and create. Therefore, to guide our participants when they first execute their passion projects on paper, we have these workshops: Design Principles, Branding, Lettering and Typography, Basic Adobe Illustrator, and Photography. We have designed them in such a way that it will help them share their ideas with the world and propel their advocacies forward.

The format of the workshop will be divided into four parts: Eyes, Mind, Hands, and Heart. Art, design and creativity need all senses in order to tap our inner potentials, aspirations and talent, and use that to come up with an artwork or a design solution. 

Here are descriptions of each of the workshops:


Learn the basics of design that will help you get started in designing posters, websites, and logos among others. This will also include lessons on Adobe Photoshop to help you apply the principles on digital pieces. We will touch on how to design print and publications, including posters, brochures, layout, packaging and so much more.

Lectures on Design Principles, Creative Process, Grids

Creative Sessions on Using Grids, Print + Publication Design (Posters, Brochures, etc.)


Learn how to brand your product or business and build a visual identity system for it. Various brainstorming and hands-on sessions will be done to help develop and practice your own visual identity system that will strengthen your brand.

Lectures on branding basics, visual identity system, brand application

Creative Sessions on brand and visual identity system creation, persona development, and many more


Learn the art of drawing letters and how to arrange type properly. This will also include lessons on Adobe Illustrator so that you can convert your artworks to digital pieces. Lettering and typography is something the team really loves and that’s why we don’t just want to simply teach you our tips and tricks, but also the heart of this type of art. 

Lectures on Lettering, Typography

Creative Sessions on Basic and Representational Type, Digital Typography using Ai


Learn the basics on how to use application Adobe Illustrator and all of its features and functionalities. We will help you maximize this tool and focus primarily on mastering the magical and powerful pen tool so that you can come up with better vector graphics and digital illustrations.

Lectures on Adobe Illustrator Workspace, Palettes, Pen Tool

Creative Sessions on illustrations, creating characters, icons


Learn the technical and creative sides of photography. We will help you maximize your DSLR. More than that, we will also teach you the art of taking photographs – not just knowing how to use your camera, but how to use it best to capture that perfect moment.

Lectures on Parts of a DSLR, functionalities

Creative Sessions on Portrait and Street Photography

Registration fee for each workshop is PHP1,200.00. Sign-up now at!

We look forward to more budding social designers!

The Drawing Board Series Pt. II is powered by our Major Sponsors, Bayani Brew and Gouache, our Minor Sponsors, Hodge Podge and First Harvest, and our Media Partner, 

Works of Heart Workshop Series: Drawing Board

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