Working at Home Will be the New Normal for These Big Companies

A lot of people have started to work from home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies have also already decided to extend their work-from-home policy for the rest of 2020. Google CEO Sundar Pichai had originally told employees, who had been working from home since early March, that they would be working from home until June 1; but they have now announced that they are most likely going to keep doing so until the year ends.

While some employees may return in June or July, this will only be those who need to physically be in the office. Of course, more safety precautions will be put into place and the in-office experience will also be changed as needed. For most of the staff, however, working at home will be their new normal for 2020.

The same goes for Facebook, who has allowed most of their employees to work from home until the end of the year. They have also cancelled all physical events until June 2021.

How is your company dealing with the pandemic? Will you be seeing a major shift in how you work for the remainder of 2020?

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