Words from the Humans of Benilde

Photo Essay by Marco Sumargo (@whatsupmarky)

In school, we encounter different types of professors. Some are annoying, boring and too strict. However, let’s not forget that there are professors who are beyond the usual. They are those people who teach us more than the lessons on the syllabus – the lessons that change the lives of some students forever. Let’s discover some Benildean’s stories on how their professors changed their lives.

20170208-Khatleen Bongcarawan

“”I’m sorry iha, but it’s a no” Hearing this on your defense day feels like the world stopped for a moment and everything you dreamt of has been crashed by these words. For me, this has been the most devastating trial of my life. Believing that all my plans, dreams and  goals has been delayed and ruined by my simple mistake.

For a moment, my mind is playing everything in fast forward and couldn’t stop myself from crying. I can’t think of anything at all, I was depressed, hopeless, and I can’t really feel a thing. But when the term ends and it finally synced in my mind that things cannot be changed.

I told myself that I will be stronger, bolder and wiser the second time around. That I won’t let myself fail twice and just be sad about it. I will work harder and just keep on moving forward. Eventually, I convinced myself that failing is the sweet taste you feel in every success you meet.” — Khatleen Bongcarawan (AB-MMA)

20170208-Yani Tiangco

“Lets see, well there was this time where I had a really tough year. I was being bullied by some people, physically and verbally, but I didn’t know how to handle it. It was also emotionally draining for me to go to school and study like nothing was wrong at home or in school.

Heaven knows how many days I broke down in school and couldn’t attend classes properly. So I was really, really thankful when my English teacher was very patient with me and helped me get through that year. She gave me advice and lots of nice stories to read and keep negative thoughts at bay. She helped me not end my life (I was pretty suicidal too due to the stress) and see the brighter side of life.” — Yani Tianco (AB-MMA)

20170208-Tricia Salalima

“I remember that moment when I wanted to quit photography. I kept on failing my clients and I kept on messing up the shoots but a professor once told me to keep on pursuing my passion, to never give up and to keep on sending my portfolio to different companies…”dahil wala naman mawawala sayo, dignidad mo lang pero okay lang yun”. Funny thing is this professor hated me because I’m the pasaway girl in the class. Who knew that the professor whom I hated the most would create an impact in my life?” — Tricia Salalima (AB-MMA)

20170208-Deisa Hidalgo

“You’re lucky if you have the right connections, but in my case, I had to start from the bottom. It frustrated me to think that some people have it easy, but I guess I was also at fault for just sitting around, hoping and waiting for opportunities. I was the type who just creates art and just dump it in a folder in my laptop and the type who draws in her sketchpad and covers it whenever somebody passes at the back. I feared rejection and harsh criticisms, but little did I know that those things were inevitable. The things that my professor has told us rang in my mind and at that moment, I decided to just put my works out there and I thought that if I don’t do this, I’ll just stand still with where I am. At first, it felt scary knowing that people whom I don’t know would see my works and just think “what is this?,” but you know, it’s something that we have to live with. If they don’t like the things that you create, then just carry on with what you do,because there will always be people who’s going to appreciate it.” — Deisa Hidalgo (AB-MMA)

20170208-Camille Atienza

“Back in highschool, my teacher told me that I have a potential in doing arts. I wasn’t sure about my capabilities as an art student but happily, I believed in what he said. I was inspired and motivated by his words.” — Camille Atienza (AB-MMA)

20170208-Miguel Montelibano

“There was a time when everything wasn’t going my way. I kept failing and not reaching people’s expectations. I was disappointed in myself because I know I could achieve so much more. A professor once told me that true happiness is found in doing that one thing you are most passionate about and if God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it. Never give up on something worth it. ” — Miguel Montelibano (BS-ID)

20170208-Pepe Manikan

“Learn from life. Listen to life. Because life is the greatest teacher.” — Sir Pepe Manikan (Professor)

20170208-Trina Balistoy

“The most life changing thing a teacher told me was “I want you to make mistakes because I want you to learn from it.” It changed me because I’m a bit perfectionist and I am scared that if I make a mistake other people will judge me. So I was very thankful that he said that because it changed my perspective in life.” — Trina Balistoy (AB-PRD)

20170208-Kenneth Enriquez

“During my highschool years, my teacher in Christian Living class would always ask us write the quote “All for God!” on our test papers. Other than added bonus points for us, I also learned to give my best in everything I do. He also taught me how to inspire and teach others the right values. Until now, I still write the quote “All for God!” on my test papers to remind me that I do everything for God, and I have what I have because of Him.” — Kenneth Enriquez (AB-MMA)

What about you? How did a professor change your life?