Wordplay: From Paper to Stage


When In Manila and you’re experiencing undeniable literary cravings, I have the perfect solution to satisfy that, I present: Wordplay.






Wordplay is one platform to express yourself and let your voice be heard. You’ll be given a dose of spoken word, oratorical and other forms of writing transfigured in speech.




Here’s a short poem I wrote to briefly describe Wordplay and the environment that you’ll be experiencing:




 If you write prose or poetry,

Time to share that with everybody

Recite directly or read from the page

Don’t hesitate to take the stage.



Express yourself through your words and rhymes

            Tell your story, go ahead, and take your time

Speak up! Let your talent shine,

Here at Wordplay we never undermine.





The best thing about Wordplay? There’s no competition and there’s definitely no fees. “You pay nothing but attention.” If you have a piece that you long wanted to share with everyone, then this is your time to shine. This is an open mic event; the stage is open to everyone, from aspiring amateurs to skilled veterans, from poets to rappers to someone who just wants to be heard. Artists of all kinds are encouraged to let their talents and art be appreciated by everyone.




Wordplay is held every last Saturday of the month. Here are some shots and a clip of last month’s Wordplay.




Raymond John Villarmino11




Raymond John Villarmino31

Rjay of LDP




Raymond John Villarmino41

Mike Swift




 Rjay Ty performing, “Your Struggle is Mine, Too”



When In Manila, get ready for an incomparable experience and take that on stage. The next Wordplay is on July 28, 2012, 8pm at The Deck, Ronac Art Center.






Like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wordplayph

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wordplayph




Photos by: Raymond Villarmino

Clip by: ThreeDown






Wordplay: From Paper to Stage

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