Will Woo Do-hwan be Playing the Lead Character in the Korean Drama ‘Hero’?

Various sources in the Korean drama industry have stated that Woo Do-hwan has gotten the lead role in the drama ‘Hero’, which is set to air on OCN – and we hope it’s true because we LOVE him!

‘Hero’ revolves around the idea that an invisible force is in charge of the modern world, treating good samaritans like criminals. Here, people try to go against this evil power that is reigning chaos in society.

Woo Do hwan watch

Sources say that Woo Do-hwan has been offered the lead role of Oh Gyu-tae, a jobless man who was an amateur boxing athlete in high school. After his older brother mysteriously killed himself, Gyu-tae gave up his sports career and studied hard to become an investigative prosecutor. After an incident where he wasn’t able to control his anger, he was forced to quit his job. His lawyer license was also suspended for a decade. Today, Gyu-tae works part-time at his friend’s tuning shop.

‘Hero’ will be written by Park Hee-kang and produced by Daydream Entertainment.

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Who else already misses Do-hwan after ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’?

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