Wonderland: Young Hoteliers’ Exposition

The Young Hoteliers’ Exposition (YHE) is a trimestral event that gives opportunities for future hoteliers and restaurateurs to showcase their talents, skills and creativity in culinary arts, hospitality and the travel and tourism industry. The event is done through a series of competitions and seminars that sharpen the saw of every future hoteliers through solidarity-centered events.

This year’s 55th YHE Week, titled “Wonderland”, in collaboration with the 13th Manila Food and Beverages Exposition, will be happening on June 12 to 16, 2019 at the Word Trade Center.

In line with this term’s theme, “Wonderland”, inspired by the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, we would like to give our audience an out of this world experience by showcasing the talents of Filipino students through the different competitions that YHE will be hosting. YHE will also be hosting different seminars that are open to all its visitors. Like Wonderland, the exposition aspires to create the fantasy of this extraordinary place through the students’ extraordinary talents!

This term’s YHE week aims to go triumphant as the students compete for success through the competitions made for them. This will surely be a magical event that will inspire these students as they jump into the rabbit hole and the industry in the future.

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