Wonder Woman Movie Review: DC Finally Gets It Right!

The red, blue, and gold outfit, the signature Amazonian tiara, her sword, shield, and Bracelets of Submission, the lasso of truth, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, the deliciously terrifying Amazons of Themyscira – the trailers had us hyped for what is to be the film that finally breaks free from the bounds of DC’s hard pressed attempts at a successful superhero movie.  It’s safe to say that so far, DC has been on the lesser end of the comic book superhero movie franchise. Plus, with the extensive business that is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it can be hard to burst through the benchmark Marvel has set BUT that is exactly what Wonder Woman has done.

MLMC-Wonder Woman Official Artwork (Beach)

We saw Wonder Woman last June 1, courtesy of #SmartGigaMovies and I have to give them props for giving its subscribers the full DC experience at its screening.  There was merch, there were games, there were cosplayers, and there was the perfect hype just before finally seeing the much-awaited DC movie. Sadly, I didn’t win that coveted Wonder Woman figure (yes, those things aren’t rigged), but I still felt like a winner getting the best movie experience with Smart. I felt even more so like a winner during the entire duration of the movie.

Wonder Woman

Being an avid Marvel fan, I had to notice the parallelism of Wonder Woman’s origin story with Captain America’s The First Avenger.  Both had wars, both had normal individuals getting plucked from the bunch specifically to win said wars, and both are classic characters that get launched into modern battles with other superheroes.

What I appreciate about DC is their amazing cinematography. The fight scenes become so much more with the remarkable artistry that, at one point, it almost made me cry.  Everything felt like it fit together, even the mythology juxtaposed with the human imperfections embodied in the war. Not one scene did I stop to think about its fantastical concepts. I was just so lost and enamored with Diana’s adventure that I found myself sad about going back to reality when it ended.

Gal Gadot’s beauty has always been fit for a goddess, but her portrayal is definitely one of the things that make this film work.  Her innocence entering the human world is so endearing that we instantly connect with her more. Yet even as we enjoy her misadventures, we also see how appalled she is at how the women are treated in the society. Of course, coming from a land where there are only beautiful and strong woman, Diana would expect the women to be the same fierce fighters as her people.


I’m not going to say any more but trust me, you’ll want to shout for joy when Wonder Woman shows them what she can do.  Then again, one factor that grounds Diana into humanity is how she works with the men she meets. Sure, Chris Pine is SERIOUS eye candy, as well as a good actor, but it is the entirety of their team that ensures the film doesn’t focus too much on the superhero. This might be a good thing for some people, and bad for others, but to see how a superhero develops into all-supremacy is essential in an origin solo movie.

Diana’s journey shows a well-rounded experience. We get to see her innocence, her denial, and her weakness. More than just her weakness in terms of her powers, it’s her vulnerability in finding out humanity’s flaws that truly makes her an exceptional superhero.

Wonder Woman

Overall, Wonder Woman works because of how well all the efforts were woven into making the best executed DC movie yet.  Gal Gadot lit up the entire film (though Chris Pine’s dreamy eyes were equally blinding). Diana’s team of misfits that supported her cause were all made into interesting real live beings and not just the usual filler sidekicks.

Every fight scene felt justified and incredible with the artsy effort that made each kick and punch all the more satisfying. I recommend EVERYONE – comic book geek or not, feminist or not, human or god – to go see this DC masterpiece and renew your love for superheroes. It’s about time a woman gets a solo superhero film and Wonder Woman does not disappoint. In fact, it exceeds expectations. Seeing this would be such a great experience from your friends to your family.

Have you seen it yet?


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