Women of the Arts: An Exhibit to Remember

The wave of all-women art exhibitions has hit Manila. The “female gaze” is no longer limited to film, but has become an integral part of art and culture in recent years, gaining more recognition as it grows and learns its audience. Some might even call it necessary and affirmative in action.

An upcoming exhibit at Ignition Innovations BGC wishes to express this theoretical term in action.

The women behind this event and the female artists involved rallied together to celebrate Art, Music and Design from a feminine perspective.

Savannah Lumen is often found behind a microphone singing with her electronic/hip-hop band or working as a freelance photographer – it is through painting, she says, that she has gotten the most freedom and creative catharsis. She is currently exploring space and movement in her abstract work.

Joey Segundo is a Multimedia Arts graduate from DLS-CSB and a dance major in Pole and Contemporary movement. She coheres her abstract works and inspirations imprinted in her clothing line “Joey made by hands”.

Please join us for an evening of celebrating the arts. The exhibition “Art Imprints” will launch May 18th and will run until June 15th at the 22nd floor of Marajo Tower, Ignition Innovations, BGC.

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