Woman Who Was Presumed Dead for 10 Years Was Found Gaming in Internet Cafe


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(Photo credit: Reuters via thestar.com.my)

A woman who ran away from her home at the age 14 due to a fight with her parents, and was later on presumed dead, was found a decade later playing online games in an Internet cafe.

The Chinese woman who was identified as Xiaoyun (or “Little Cloud”) was found in an Internet cafe in  Zhejiang province, China. She was later brought to a local police station to verify her identity.

Xiaoyun revealed that she ran away from home at the age of 14 after having an argument with her mother for skipping classes.

According to reports, she spent the last 10 years eating, sleeping, and playing online games in different cafes in many cities of China.

Since she can’t get a job, she lived from the stuff given to her by cafe customers and staffs.

When the police found her, they traced her parents back and informed them.

This isn’t the first time that an incident like this happened in China. In 2013, an avid gamer allegedly spent six years living at a cafe in China’s north-east city of Changchun, in the Jilin province.

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