Woman In Focus: Janeena Chan

Known as a host, blogger and social media influencer; Janeena Chan is practically a household name, especially for millennials. Her TV shows, blogs, and vlogs continue to inspire the youth as she pursues her passions despite social norms.

At the early age of 7, Janeena was no longer a stranger to the limelight. With her talent for singing, she started as a Disney Singing Princess at SM Supermalls and then ventured into hosting when she was 11.  Since then, she has been a part of different theater productions and media companies as a talent. Her stint with Magic 89.9 as a Junior Jock opened more opportunities for her hosting career. She is now a regular host for Chinoy TV and ABS-CBN’s UPFRONT on S+A (Sports and Action).

We sat down with Janeena to chat about her life, her career, and what keeps her going.

When did you start hosting and blogging? 
Janeena: I got the opportunity to host at age 11 for a Kid’s telemagazine show program where we got to feature people, places, events, and even local festivals; so we got to travel a lot, too. This opened my perspective to the field as a worthwhile, fun, and meaningful career; so I’m really so grateful for that experience. It was a bonus that this program bagged a Star Award for best kids program and best hosts! Talk about a confidence boost!
Blogging or content creating just kind of happened simultaneously, I’ve always been active in modeling since I was a kiddie model for Barbie, Witch Magazine, Bratz Dolls, Candy, and other kid-teen magazines growing up, while being an active host both in interesting events and TV; so I thought: why not expand what I already had? I initially had my website as an online portfolio and simply added a tab to more posts and updates, linking them to my social media, as well such as my vlogs on YouTube I fondly call Janeena Channel, and my posts on Instagram and other pages.
When asked who her idols are, she shared that she looks up to Ellen De Generes, Jimmy Fallon, Jeannie Mai, RuPaul Charles, and Nigella Lawson. For content creation, she loves the dynamic execution of videos by PearyPie.
What are the biggest hurdles you have to go through in your career?
I wouldn’t say these are hurdles, but it actually makes me more proud to say that there were no shortcuts to get to where I am right now. Growing up in the industry, I went through the nitty gritty of it all: learning from scratch, being open to new experiences, learning new skill sets, and just being brave enough to go for it. Facing rejection is inevitable in any field; but it only makes you come back better, more ready, and more determined to give it your all.
Since Janeena is the host of a lot of media and public events, many have called her the ‘Pambansang Host’. We asked her how she feels about that and she said she actually didn’t know that other people knew about that nickname since it was originally just a joke amongst friends. She says it makes for good branding, though there’s also a little pressure for her to do well. She also wishes that she gets to host more national and international events.
Janeena has hosted many amazing events so far. According to her, one of her most memorable ones was the UAAP Cheerdance Competition where she met Minzy of 2NE1 and Stephen Curry. She also loved hosting Chinoy TV’s Taipan Business Summit and her stint with the E! Bloggers ball in Manila and Cebu.
There have been so many fun events! And the great thing about hosting is that it could be about absolutely anything! From corporate gatherings to  variety show types of events like fairs to exclusive launch parties in fashion, food, wellness, travel, sports, lifestyle, gadgets, and special occasions like NYE countdowns to advocacies and causes. It’s always a different story; there’s always a new flavor… I also love working for regional/international brands, campaigns and events like Zalora, Asia’s Got Talent (AXN), E! Asia (NBCU), Disney, and the like.
How do you balance your schedule? 
Janeena is one of the most in-demand hosts and social media influencers right now, so it can be quite tricky to be in her shoes.
In this industry, your schedule is pretty fluid. When a work inquiry comes up, of course, it’s prioritized like tapings for my TV shows, Upfront on ABSCBN S+A (Anak TV Seal awardee), and Chinoy TV on ANC (Gawad Tanglaw’s Best Magazine Show), I’d host a couple of events depending on the volume in a week, too, and also have influencer work/ content creator deliverables on the side. It does get pretty hectic; but since I love what I do so much, it’s all worth it. When I get a full day of rest in a week, I value it all the more too, to make sure I get to focus on my health, refocus and recharge mentally and physically.
Many people don’t know this, but Janeena actually had Bells Palsy back in 2016. She shares that it was a pretty traumatic experience.
It was a pretty traumatic experience especially considering the field of profession that I’m in. At the same time, I knew this was a test of faith from God, and that my experience and story could open up more awareness and appreciation at the same time to everyone who’d hear my story. Up until now, I still get messages from random people online who are facing symptoms or who have relatives with Bells Palsy; and in a way, it’s been my advocacy to share my steps to recovery while recommending the best treatments and doctors. My recuperation was already pretty fast considering it only took a month, but I still had to cancel and drop almost everything during that season, except for some commitments I couldn’t back out from. 
On Pursuing Passions
In this day and age, we hear a lot of advice on pursuing our passion, but there have been contradicting opinions about it. We asked Janeena about her thoughts and advice.
To be willing to be good at something, you have to be bad at it first. Well, hopefully not too bad! Haha Put your ego out of the door, and learn the fundamentals from scratch. Create a strong foundation built on real experiences because experience will always be the best teacher. Always be open to adapt to changes, while always having a good attitude towards everyone you meet and work with, and especially towards yourself. Don’t be too hard on your growth process, and value every significant milestone,  no matter how big or small. Always be confident in your own unique persona, never compare yourself with others because we were all wired differently by our Creator. Just keep moving forward, no matter how hard it can get. Take breaks, and nourish yourself the right way. Health is always a priority because you can’t do and accomplish your purpose in life without it…
Janeena’s life can look busy and there may be a lot of pressure on her, so we asked her what her advice is for people who experience stress and anxiety.
Breathe, balance, begin again, and trust. We experience anxiety because we fear what could go wrong; but as cheesy as it may sound, we must always focus our  energy on what could go right. Stress is inevitable and much as I try my best to always have a positive attitude, no human is immune from it.  The best way to deal with it is to simply reset your mind and body; give it the care it needs. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best version without any added pressure. Allow yourself to unwind and get your dose of happy hormones by doing activities you love. Balance is always key, and intention is magical. Prayer, stillness, and setting the best intentions starting our days and in everything we do can always counter stress, no matter how overwhelming it can get. Simplify, decompress, and always have a grateful heart. 
Want to get to know Janeena better? Check out her blog at janeenachan.com

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