Woman Falls 80 Feet After Doing ‘Extreme Yoga’ on Balcony, Miraculously Survives

Disclaimer: Do not do attempt this at home

A woman aged 23 learned a valuable lesson on doing yoga at home after she fell 82 feet down from performing an “extreme yoga” stunt on her apartment balcony in Mexico.

At the time of her fall, the woman was pictured by a friend attempting to balance on the terrace railing. Although she miraculously survived, she sustained 110 broken bones, had surgery for knee and ankle reconstruction, and will be unable to walk for three years.

Source: Javo Rayado via Fox News

According to neighbors, they were used to seeing the woman perform yoga poses on her balcony. She was also very fond of thrilling activities like skydiving and bungee jumping, as seen on her personal Instagram account.

Authorities have already ruled out the possibility of foul play or structural damages on the balcony railing.

It only goes to show that not every death-defying stunt is worth it for the ‘gram.

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Are you a yoga practitioner? What can you say about people doing “extreme yoga” stunts?

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