Feeling kilig, senti, or gigil? These moods now come in cocktails

Tara, Tagay na!

Aside from going out, one of the many things people miss is being able to spend time with their friends. Whether it includes bonding over drinks, ranting about problems, or just simply catching up, we just want to be around the people we’re closest to.

While visiting people still seems unlikely in the wake of an ongoing pandemic, the next best thing is to use technology to our advantage. This includes video calls that help bridge the gap. And yes, even with some good ol’ cocktails on hand. E-numan session, anyone?

Well, for fellow alcohol drinkers like me (adults only, that is. No minors allowed), I’ve recently discovered a brand that offers cocktails and witty ones at that. The name? Tagay Cocktails!

And yes, this shop delivers!

Get to know the Tagay Cocktails family?Whatever you’re feeling, there’s always a reason to have a cocktail?

Posted by Tagay Cocktails on Friday, 11 September 2020

Joining the bandwagon of bottled cocktails, Tagay Cocktails is an online business that offers ready-to-drink mixed drinks — but in bigger sizes, that is. You see, each one comes in a 500 ml bottle that’s supposedly good for 2 to 3 people. But we all know one is enough for avid drinkers out there.

“Bottled cocktails for your bottled emotions.” That’s Tagay Cocktail’s tagline, and rightfully so. This brand got its inspiration, after all, from the common things people talk about over drinks, hence the names.

Photo from Tagay Cocktails

Photo from Tagay Cocktails

Thus, its line of bottled drinks come in witty names like Gigil, Kilig, Keri, Senti, and Rupok. Each one features a fruity blend of booze, fruits, and aromatics tailor-fit for your drinking mood (or whichever feeling you’re bottling up right now). And I personally want to try them all!

Photo from Tagay Cocktails

Photo from Tagay Cocktails

For orders and inquiries, you can contact Tagay Cocktails through Facebook or Instagram (@tagaycocktails). Alcohol percentage varies depending on which cocktail you choose, but it ranges from 17-23%. Make sure to drink responsibly, everyone!

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What are other witty food brands that caught your attention? Share them with us!

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