Witness the Latest and the Best Healthcare Technology in !HEALTH this June at WTC

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See the latest in health care technology in 2017’s !HEALTH Expo which will be held at the World Trade Center, Manila from June 22–24, 2017.

To lead a happy and productive life, one of the best things to have is good health, which is why being a healthcare practitioner is one of the most important callings there is. Healthcare practitioners have their patient’s best interest at heart. This means only providing optimum service to the people who seek their hand in wellness. Being a constant learner is an important trait that every healthcare practitioner must possess. Similarly, knowing the latest developments is essential in improving one’s skill in prevention, healing, helping, and improving lives.

An important ally of medical professionals are the businesses in the industry that provide these new tools for better and more effective services.It is key that these businesses work together and integrate their expertise in order to better service hospitals, clinics, and patients.

!HEALTH is a perfect opportunity for businesses in the healthcare industry to learn and benefit from one another, increasing one’s knowledge, capacity, and exposure in this particular field that demands only the best from the people in it.

Showcasing the latest developments in the medical industry, the exhibit’s objective is to innovate, educate, and integrate. Through familiarizing oneself with the current innovations, educating oneself from seasoned professionals, and expanding one’s network by integrating with other businesses, one’s business know-how, creativity, and reach are to be expanded.

The event also aims to help provide affordable medical accommodation available to Filipinos, something essential in a developing country.

Several activities await both exhibitors and visitors of the exhibit such as a full-scale medical health show and seminars for business owners. Exhibitors will also be able to retrieve a digital copy of the participants who have registered in their booth.

The event is brought to life by !EVENTS under Republik Brand Communications.

To know about !HEALTH 2017, visit https://ieventsorg.com/ihealth/ or call (02) 412 1637. For those who want to be a sponsor, exhibitors, or visitors, you may also visit the said site to apply!

By helping and healing, we can make the world a better place.

Expected profiles of the !HEALTH 2017’s exhibitors:

  • Cardiovascular Equipment & Medical Imaging
  • Laboratory Equipment & Medical Supplies
  • Diagnostics  and First Responder Companies/groups
  • Physiotherapy / Orthopedic Technology
  • Ophthalmic Equipment, Furniture, and Services
  • Dental Equipment and Services
  • Dermatological Equipment
  • Aesthetic Machines & Derma Solutions
  • Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Medical Services and Publications
  • First Aid and emergency devices and equipment
  • Operating tables, medical support units, medical furniture
  • Premises and building technology