With Pride, Rainbow Kitchen Manila Brings Color to Spanish Comfort Food

Craving for a taste of Spain? Look no further!

On rainy days, sad days, lazy days, or whenever you just want a taste of home-cooked goodness, comfort food is a go-to choice. Options include soups and stews—anything soupy, rich, and warm for that pleasant feeling in your stomach. Kind of like being wrapped in a warm hug, so to speak.

More often than not, my choice in comfort food includes noodle soups like ramen or perhaps a warm risotto. But I too appreciate a comforting pie on some occasions. Especially one with a flaky, crisp crust and a piping hot filling (the kind that makes you go hasfhasf) that’s just bursting with flavor. Chicken pies are so yesterday, but a tuna pie with a tangy tomato base? Yes, please!

Rainbow Kitchen Manila offers just that. An online venture that offers slow-cooked comfort food made by internationally-trained Spanish Chef Iván Fernández, Rainbow Kitchen aims to “produce nothing but the highest quality food for a delicious home dining experience using the freshest ingredients and flavors.”

In their words: “We believe that everyone (and their bellies) deserves true love. And that’s why we are introducing our signature dishes to all of you. Treat yourselves right—you deserve it!”

Why Rainbow Kitchen Manila?

During the quarantine, the team of Rainbow Kitchen Manila spent almost the whole day cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for just themselves. Eating calorie after calorie of food that tasted delicious was a good feeling, which they wanted to share with everyone. And thus, a restaurant concept was born.

With Iván Fernandez, an internationally-trained chef on board, they began their plan. Fernandez was used to working in top Spanish restaurants in Spain, China, and even the Philippines.  When he ventured into new territory, he had the freedom to not only perfect an arsenal of traditional dishes but to also add a creative twist to them.

Friends and fans who have tasted Fernandez’s dishes all clamored for him to start selling his dishes, saying that they were too good to keep for himself. And thus, he relented and became the chef and creative brain in Rainbow Kitchen Manila.

But why choose Rainbow Kitchen as the name? Simple. The owners are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community and they want to stay true to their roots. With fun and happiness as their mantra, the owners of Rainbow Kitchen Manila want to translate this into their food. And I think they did just that!

A Culinary Trip Down Northern Spain

My first taste of Rainbow Kitchen’s dishes took me (well, my tongue) on a trip to Northern Spain. I was treated to a Tuna Empanada Gallega, a dish from Galicia, a Fabada stew from Asturias, and a decadent Basque Burnt Dark Chocolate Cake from the Basque Country. And dare I say that I loved all of them?

Rainbow Kitchen 1

Tuna Empanada Gallega (PHP395)

Starting off with my favorite out of the three dishes presented, the Tuna Empanada Gallega is one hefty pie! Before encountering this pie, the empanadas that I’m familiar with are the handheld half-moon pies that you can grab and eat anytime. This, however, was huge. Huge in size, flavor, and filling!

Rainbow Kitchen 2

Featuring a flaky crust, cooked until golden-brown, the empanada comes with a tangy tomato-based filling. In it, you can find flakes of tuna, sliced peppers, and bits of tomatoes. It reminds me of my favorite tuna pie from a certain coffee shop—one that is more sweet than spicy—but this version is more briny, savory, and a touch sour.

Fabada Asturiana (PHP650)

My experience with Spanish stews (more of the Filipinized version, I think) includes eating the kaldereta, menudo, afritada, and menchado growing up. But when in Spain, the Fabada is a common choice. Described by Rainbow Kitchen Manila as a “hearty bowl of love”, this bean stew comes with sliced chorizo, blood sausage, and pork belly.

Rainbow Kitchen 3

The rich stew is slow-cooked in a tomato-based sauce until the meat is fork-tender and the beans are soft—not mushy, but not too hard. Flavor-wise, it isn’t too salty as well, which allows the natural pork flavors to stand out. Plus, the lightly sour tomato sauce contrasts with the rich fattiness that normally comes with pork.

But don’t forget the roasted cabbage and piparras (aka the Spanish pickled chilies)! These sides not only add a sour-spicy kick, but they too help balance out the flavors in the stew. That way, you can easily eat it without getting umay.

Rainbow Kitchen 4

Basque Burnt Dark Chocolate Cake (PHP750, serves 6 to 8)

What is a meal without dessert? Hailing straight from the motherland Basque, the Basque Burnt Dark Chocolate Cake is a rich and decadent cheesecake that you definitely can’t miss! Unlike most local cheesecakes, this version is made with dark chocolate, which means that it is not too sweet.

Rainbow Kitchen 5

Thick and creamy, the cheesecake also comes with a slightly smokey flavor. When eating it, the first thing that came to mind was our local equivalent: table. It’s a more rustic flavor compared to the sugar-loaded chocolates I’m familiar with, but this, combined with the artisan charm—yes, cracks and all—make this version of a Basque cheesecake a real treat!

How to Order

Rainbow Kitchen Manila is located at 10 Sorsogon St. Nayong Kanluran Quezon City and you can order directly through the website. They can deliver in all parts of Metro Manila, but only from Thursdays to Sundays. Since the food is always prepared fresh, expect your deliveries to come in the late morning or early afternoon. Nevertheless, the wait is worth it, as you will be greeted with piping hot, fresh comfort food. Yum!

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Rainbow Kitchen Manila

Contact Number:  +639174330344

Website: https://www.rainbowkitchenmanila.com/


Instagram: @rainbowkitchenmanila

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