WIP: Parating, Papunta, Nandito Na – A Multimedia Art Exhibit Reflecting the Quarter-Life Crisis Issues of the Millennials

Ever been in a situation wherein you struggled with life choices and doubted your abilities? Or maybe questioned your existence in this world? The WIP: Parating, Papunta, Nandito Na – a multimedia art exhibit will tackle the quarter life crisis of the millennials as they go through this phase of their lives where important decisions, the uncertainty of life and one’s growth as an individual will start to bombard them.

The title WIP: PARATING, PAPUNTA, NANDITO NA reflects that in life, we are all works in progress;  That life is also a journey – working or traveling our way up to the destination facing the uncertainty of what comes next.

UND (short for “Undecided”), the group behind the exhibit, aims to convey the message that it is okay to go through changes in life at your own pace and that some things in life takes time to achieve through various forms of art. Ranging from installation art, painting, graphic design, sound design, video and photography, each of this artists will showcase their skills and talents as they interpret the theme. Knowing that we are all Works in Progress, unraveling ourselves in our life’s journey despite the uncertainty and doubt we face.

Catch WIP: Parating, Papunta, Nandito Na at the LRI Design Plaza – Open Pavilion & Gallery, 2nd Floor LRI Design Plaza, Makati City from August 24-26, 2016. With live acoustic performances during the opening night. See full viewing schedule below:

OPENING NIGHT: August 24, 6-9pm

Regular viewing: August 25, 10am-7pm

Regular viewing: August 26, 10am-5pm

 WIP Poster

ARTIST PROFILE: UND (Undecided) is a group composed of seniors Jana Bansing, Jasper Bunquin, Kristine Gonzales, Raymond Madriaga, Noel Maranan, Prince Medriano, Olivia Parian, Bianca Parido, Kyrt Kristian Salongcay, John Angelo Sergio, and CJ Yucoco from Asia Pacific College who are currently completing their Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts. This exhibit will provide an avenue for them to share their specializations through various forms of media.

For more updates check out their FB page at facebook.com/UND.Collective/or use the hashtags #UND #WIP16 #WIPExhibit2016

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