Winwyn Marquez Is A Favorite to Win Reina Hispanoamericana

Winwyn Marquez may be the country’s first-ever representative to the Reina Hispanoamericana in Bolivia, yet the Pinay beauty queen seems to be appearing as a strong favorite in the pageant!

Despite the initial backlash against having the Philippines participate in the Latin American pageant, it’s clear that the 25-year-old stunner is stealing hearts after bagging five awards. A Bolivian newspaper even listed Winwyn among one of the favorites to win the pageant!

Winwyn most recently won the Ipanema girl award, sponsored by the footwear brand Ipanema.

Reina Hispanoamericana will have its coronation night on November 4.

Reina Hispanoamericana is an annual pageant that celebrates Hispanic heritage, language, and culture. It originally started in 1991 as Reina Sudamericana (South American Queen), restricting the contest to South American countries. It has since expanded to include Spain and other Latin American regions. This year is the first time Canada and the Philippines are joining the competition, as the pageant shifts its theme to include countries with ties to Spain.

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