Winners of MUKHA NG BAKASYON Photo Contest



Regionalization Students’ Organization

UP College of Medicine

Mukha ng Bakasyon is a photo contest organized by the Regionalization Students Organization to provide members and nonmembers an avenue to showcase photographs they took during the summer, which capture acts of volunteerism and service towards the underserved, the Filipino people and culture, and the Philippines’ natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Its mission is to inspire the UP College of Medicine community on service, nation-building, and love of country through community work, as well as to promote the diverse culture and different sceneries the Philippines has to offer.

Photo entries were displayed in a week-long exhibit which started last August 30, 2016. Awarding for the best photographs was done during the Kasadyaan annual kick-off event last September 2, 2016. Judges included UP Photos alumnae Sittie Haynnah Monte and Mary Catalyn Malipol, and freelance photographer Joel Mancol. People’s Choice was awarded to Reflections in a Flood Paddy Field by Roy Luister Acos. For the category of People and Culture, Larrenz Gabriel Ramos (the Inkman of Mt. Apo) won third place, Kristine Chumacera (Grass Hair, Don’t Care) won second place, and Jonah Mikka Dorado won first place for her photograph titled Paglayag. Hans Jasper Del Mundo’s photo “Parolo” won third place for the Places category, Mary Eurielle Gregorio (Horizon) won second place, while People’s Choice awardee Roy Luister Acos bagged first place.

Indeed, the journey to becoming a doctor involves more than the study of anatomy and physiology. It involves knowing the Filipino patient as a person: social, cultural, and religious background included. Mukha ng Bakasyon was an avenue for the UPCM community to immerse in the culture, and capture the quirks, beauty, and resilience of the Filipino people.

People Category

1 st Place: Paglayag by Jonah Mikka Dorado | UPCM 2019

Bago pa man sumikat ang araw, mulat na ang batang ito upang harapin ang bagong araw sa buhay niya at makihalubilo sa iba’t -ibang dayo na nais tuklasin ang kanilang nayon.


2nd Place: Grass Hair Don’t Care by Kristine Chumacera | UPCM 2020

Benguet kid playing with grass near the Mount Pulag ranger station.


3rd Place: The Inkman of Mt. Apo by Larrenz Gabriel Ramos

We went to Lake Agco, halfway toward the summit of Mt. Apo in Davao City. From a distance you can see steam from the geothermal springs of the lake coming out of the forest. Upon seeing his shop, we entered this ethnic and tribal-motif shop of a local tatoo artist in the area. It turns out that he is one of the respected tatoo artist in Mt. Apo and throughout Davao City. His works are indeed a masterpiece, with basic concepts of ethnicity and traditional Mindanaoan culture embedded in the inked patterns drawn on the dorsum of my hand. I guess at that moment, I can say that I had a slight touch of his people’s undying history.


Places Category

1st Place: Reflections in a Flooded Paddy Field by Roy LuisterAcos | UPCM 2020

People’s Choice Award

I took this photo very quickly using my mobile phone while riding in a fast car. I was so amazed when I saw how stunning it was!


2nd Place: Horizon by Mary Eurielle Gregorio | UPCM 2021

A photo of a hiker witnessing the breathtaking sunrise at Mt. Pulag after a long hike, a sight very well worth the climb. This photo was taken one summer morning at the summit of Mt. Pulag, Benguet, the highest peak in Luzon.


3rd Place: Parola by Hans Jesper Del Mundo | UPCM 2019

Sumibol ang bagong anyo ng buhay sa paligid ng parola ngayong ito’y matanda na at ginugunita nalang kung paano niya ginabayan ang buhay ng mga mangingisdang minsan pumalaot.