Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill!

Although anything is good to pair with beer, you know what is best? Unlimited Wings!

We have tasted different types of Chicken Wings, but what sets Tomahawk apart from the others is that you won’t have to shell out too much cash for it. Not just because of its reasonable price, but because they have an Unlimited Wings Promo that you surely can’t resist.

With Php 375, you get Unlimited Wings, Unlimited Rice, Unlimited Iced Tea and Choice of 1 Side Dish. The Chicken Wings comes in different flavors like Buffalo, Sweet, and Cheezy Jalapeño.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill

You can always ask the servers to serve a less spicy version of the buffalo wings if it is too spicy for you. The sweet flavor is just right especially if you fancy some finger lickin’ bbq flavor. The Cheesy Jalape├▒o, on the other hand, is unusually good. It has the right flavor of cheese, with a bit of kick.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill

The Unlimited Wings Offer of Tomahawk ran for a few months back, but because customers keep coming back for more, they extended it many times! In a week, Tomahawk serves more than 100 kilos of wings with some customers even having more than 20 servings of chicken in one seating. This type of demand surely proves that these chicken wings are worth it. Much more that they are served fresh and are only cooked once a customer asks for their refill.

For the side dish, you can choose from mac and cheese and coleslaw among others.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill Mac and Cheese (Side)

Aside from the Unlimited Wings, Tomahawk also offers new addition to their menu that ranges from shrimp, pork and of course, chicken.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill Chicken and Waffles Php 245

Another chicken that you have to try (aside from wings) is the Chicken and Waffles Combo. One order is huge in serving size which can be shared by two people. It is served with a side dish and spicy maple syrup. The waffle is made of corn bread flour making it unique and oh so tasty!

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill Pulled Pork Waffle-Wich Php 225

Another Waffle combo that you need to try is this Pulled Pork Sandwich. Also made from Corn Bread, the waffle is quite a mouth-full and the Pulled Pork is made from the ribs that Tomahawk takes pride in. The pork is soft and flavorful that you may want to order rice with it too.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill Country Fried Steak PHP 295

Served with Buttered Vegetables and Mashed Potato, the Country Fried Steak is perfect for lunch or dinner. It is the right amount of sweet and salty but is oozing with diverse flavors from the sauce.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill Smoky Shrimp Creole Php 375

If you want Seafood, Tomahawk has┬áthe Smoky Shrimp Creole. It is served with slices of bread and rice, in case you can’t decide which one you like. The shrimp is fresh and tasty. It is stirred into a sauce that is sweet, spicy, and tangy.

Wings All You Can at Tomahawk Chops and Grill

There is always room for dessert in Tomahawks! This Brownie ala Mode is the perfect ending to a very tasty and fulfilling meal. The brownie is hot and chewy and the vanilla ice cream on top is just melting beautifully with the chocolate sauce.

Whether its wings, pulled pork or waffles, Tomahawk has it all for you. The Unlimited Wings Promo will last until end of January 2016, so don’t forget to ready your tummy and head on over!

Tomahawk Chops and Grill

56-A East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel no: 566-3192 / 0915-5135908

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