Wing Me! is here to deliver tasty chicken wings to you and your friends

Words by Leika Golez

Photos by Althea Catipon

Chicken wings. They’re perfect with and for anything!

Since wings have lots of flavors, you can pair them with almost any side. Of course, having different flavors entails catering to a wider audience since you literally have so many options. Garlic parmesan, classic buffalo, Korean, salted egg, and the list just goes on and on and on. Aside from that though, chicken wings are great for every occasion too. You can eat a whole box alone for a hassle-free brunch at home or you can also share them with your friends during a night-out.

And sure, there are many restaurants that serve chicken wings out there. But if you’re really just looking for a place that gives you the most bang for your buck?

Then you should definitely give Wing Me! a try. Note that they only deliver so this is perfect for your lazy days or house parties!

There are 6 wing flavors to choose from: Honey Garlic, Best Seller Buffalo, Country Fried, Salted Egg, Garlic Parmesan, and Korean Glazed. They’re all great, but particularly three out of the six flavors really stood out for us.

IMG 5656

The first is the Best Seller Buffalo. And let me tell you, it’s definitely called the best seller for a reason! This is great if you just want that classic wing flavor. It’s delicious with just the slightest bite of spice. It’s not too salty but not too spicy either. This flavor is for everybody, especially since it’s only P198 per six pieces and P549 for 18!

IMG 5677

Next up is the Garlic Parmesan! Garlic Parmesan wings are oftentimes infamous for being too salty and strong, but this one just hits the sweet spot. It has the right amount of cheesiness to it without being too overpowering. It’s definitely a must-try even if you’re not a cheese lover because might even change your mind! This is only P219 per six pieces and P599 for 18.

IMG 5680

And lastly, there’s the Korean Glazed which also has the same price points. If your palate prefers milder tastes, then I would suggest this. It’s also great if you want to try something that deviates from that usual salty chicken wing flavor, since this one is more on the sweet side. Because of the seeds, there’s also a bit of added texture combined with the chicken’s crispy skin. Overall, this flavor is merely fresh and interesting!

IMG 5691

But wait, Wing Me! actually delivers desserts as well. Out of all of them though, our favorite one is the Tiramisu Cheesecake. You’ll definitely receive a good take on the classic chocolate cake for only P75.

It’s a nice and sweet way to finish up your savory chicken meal.

Overall, you can have a scrumptious wing dinner at the comfort of your own home without having too spend to much. Just call up Wing Me! and you’ll be in good hands!

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