WIM Typhoon Ulysses Relief Operations

We have partnered with BMC/Dulot sa Kulot to help families in the Marikina, Rizal, Pampanga, and Cagayan areas. To reach more families, we need your help!
For as low as Php100, you can provide a relief pack to a family affected by Typhoon Ulysses.

Batch 1 (Marikina/Rizal)

100 Relief Packs
200 Hot Meals
200 Bottles of Water
200 Snacks


Thank you to the following donors:
Juvilyn Ocbian100
Francesca Avilyn Capco50
Rhona Mae Tuaño100
Cupparoma Coffee Wholesaling1000
Lara Grasparil500
Anonymous Donor1000
Anonymous Donor200
Tin Barbecho4000
Jorwynn Goloso1000
Bituin Inocencio100
Christine Monica Aguila500
Jhan Mark Reyes100
Leah Saminiano100
Angeli Medaroz100
Maria Carissa Sarmiento500
Ruby Gatus100
Ysabel Vitangcol500
Jilian Alexis Manlangit500
michelle Lim100
Joyce Ann Marie Ruiz130
Mark Gorgod100
Mary Lyn Go2000
Anonymous Donor500
Anonymous Donor100
Anonymous Donor300
Francis To1000
Anonymous Donor1,000
Ma Ara Empeo500
Tayn Alera500
Vincent Matthew Completo1000
Anonymous Donor3000
Osel Goloso2000
Jorwynn Goloso2000
Dra. Kaycee Reyes20000
Bambina PH5000
Greenbulb PR5000
Carlito’s Catering10,100
Special thanks to the following brands and companies for their in-kind donations:

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