Wildflour Cafe + Bakery: Breakfast Haven!

And then came our breakfast! One dish after another came on our table. All with the bread and butter of Wildflour, FRESHLY BAKED BREAD!

WildFlour07 Jan2013

WildFlour09 Jan2013 

They serve complimentary baguette served with butter cheese on every table for breakfast. I forgot to ask if they do have jams or Nutella, which I thought would also be perfect for the complimentary bread.

For appetizer they served three dishes: Arugula SaladTartes Flambees and Parmesan Churros. 

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Arugula Salad (P330) is perfect for sharing. A plate full of the salad rocket, another name for arugula, mixed with Parmesan cheese, bacon bits and topped with a sunny-side egg. If you’re a salad person, you would enjoy this dish. For those who are not familiar with arugula, it is a leafy green that has a rich peppery taste.

WildFlour04 Jan2013


Tartes Flambees (P475) is served on a bread board and certainly looks like a mini pizza because of its crispy and thin dough base. It is topped with wild mushroom, caramelized onions, arugula and blue cheese. For vegetarians, this might be a perfect breakfast appetizer for you! The blue cheese and wild mushroom are just perfect combinations, if you’re a cheese lover like me!

Wild flour  05Jan2013

Who would have thought that churros, often paired with a chocolate dip, will be perfect with Parmesan cheese? At only P210 you would be served Parmesan Churros which will also be perfect for sharing. Wildflour’s churros are crunchy and has a texture that makes it melt inside your mouth. 

Folks, that’s only the appetizer I have shared you up in there. Now, let’s go to the four main course that they served to us.

WildFlour05 Jan2013

First on the list is one of their bestseller, Eggs on Toast (P360) is served with scrambled eggs, bacon gravy and generous amount of Parmesan cheese. This dish is also available with smoked salmon, poached egg, and bearnaise, or ham, bordelaise, and mushrooms.

WildFlour08 Jan2013My favorite that day is the Kimchi Fried Rice (P495)! For Korean food lovers like me, this would make a staple breakfast meal. It’s a fried rice with the rich flavor of Kimchi topped with a generous serving of Kitayama beef that is perfectly cooked and a poached egg. You might as well ask if they could sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese in that egg, just like what I did! To add a little bit of kick in the mild spicy fried rice.