Wilderness Survival Guide: Bar Guys 101 on Meg Magazine’s October Issue

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When In Manila, iif you haven’t already, go pick up a copy of this month’s Meg Magazine where I (Vince) talk about the six types of guys you might want to avoid at bars and clubs.



It’s the Wilderness Survival Guide: Bar Guys 101 on Meg Magazine’s October issue!

The intricate jungle known as the “bars” or also commonly referred to as “clubs” is one that can be very tricky to maneuver. From the exotic ecosystems, endangered species, local tribes and the unfamiliar cultures, you’ll find that exploring these so called “bars” or “clubs” may be one task fit for only the best lion tamers and wilderness explorers.

We here at Meg Magazine find it only fitting to properly arm you with the knowledge to survive the wilderness of these bars and clubs. Thus, we’ve listed down some of the most dangerous and unusual male Animalia that you might encounter.

We’re also arming you with the knowledge of how to spot them along with the proper tools for you to get away, if needed…

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Pick up a copy of this the October issue of Meg Magazine available at your local newsstands now!

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When In Manila, be sure to arm yourself with the proper knowledge to avoid and escape these potentially dangerous animals! Pick up a copy of this month’s Meg Magazine to read up on the full article titled: “Wilderness Survival Guide: Bar Guys 101

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Wilderness Survival Guide: Bar Guys 101 on Meg Magazine’s October Issue