Wild Digital: The Importance of Networking in Today’s Day and Age

Networking is very important in today’s day and age. After all, how can you move ahead in life if you don’t build good relationships with the people around you? Wild Digital showed us just how important it is during their networking event a couple of weeks ago where key leaders in the digital world came together at Shangri-La Fort to connect with similar minds.

Here are various reasons as to why networking is so important in today’s day and age, and why you should do more of it if given the chance.

Everything and everyone is an opportunity.

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There are opportunities everywhere.

No matter what you might need in life – be it for something personal or for your business – you’ll never know when a useful opportunity may arise. Networking may open your mind to bigger ideas that you might never would have thought of if you hadn’t talked to creative similar-minded people.

Word of mouth is still important.

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While it may feel like we live in a vastly digital world now, do not underestimate the power of word of mouth. If you think about it, a lot of opportunities aren’t actually advertised, but are merely spoken of; and networking can help you learn about these opportunities that could accelerate your personal and career growth.

Building relationships outside of the digital world matters.

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Think about it: some of the most important relationships in your life were built outside of the digital world. Your parents, your best friends, the guy who fixes things around your house, the Ate who gives you discounts at the market for being a repeat customer… all of these people were met outside of the digital world and make the most impact in your life. Just think about how many more important people you could meet by stepping out of your house and attending a big networking event.

You get to learn so much.

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Another great thing about networking is that you’ll get to learn so much. Most networking events have speakers before or during the actual networking phase that can teach you a few things to help your growth. The best part is that you’ll be able to approach the speakers after their talk if you want to learn even more after their discussion.

You get to grow your skills.

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Generally speaking, everything that you pick up from networking events can be used to grow your set of skills on a both a personal and a professional level. All you really have to do is just get the courage to get out there and meet people. And if you’re having trouble talking to strangers… well, they usually have an open bar with some liquid courage to help you get along. Better yet, bring a friend and network together!