Wicked by Cravings: Dessert Haven in Manila

Wicked by Cravings Dessert


Now let’s go to their best-selling cakes and cupcakes. First, they had us try their Dark Chocolate Tablea Mousse. I’m a big fan of chocolate mousse, but this was my first time to try a dark chocolate and tablea variety. It didn’t disappoint. I love how it’s not too sweet and the tablea gives it a strong chocolate kick!


Wicked by Cravings DessertDARK CHOCOLATE TABLEA MOUSSE – Php225.00


Something that you might also like to try if you’re a chocolate cake fan is their Chocolate Squared Cake. The moist chocolate sponge cake is smothered with rich chocolate ganache. But their Devil Misu is another story! It’s their version of Tiramisu. For those who like their desserts on the “not-too-sweet” side, this one is perfect for you!


Wicked by Cravings Dessert CHOCOLATE SQUARED CAKE – Php299.00

Wicked by Cravings DessertDEVIL MISU – Php299.00


For the cupcakes, we tried three variants: Reese Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, and Campfire Marshmallow cupcakes. We love the frosting of their red velvet cupcake; it has a citrus hint coming from the lemon zest. The chef really perfected her recipe as it’s consistently moist and has the right amount of sweetness. 


Wicked by Cravings DessertREESE PEANUT BUTTER (Php100), RED VELVET (Php95), and CAMPFIRE MARSHMALLOW (Php110)