Wicked by Cravings: Dessert Haven in Manila

Wicked by Cravings: Dessert Haven in Manila


At When In Manila, we always answer the ultimate question of “Where is the best place to eat?” If you’re like me who craves for something sweet every time possible, Wicked by Cravings is a haven for dessert enthusiasts.


Wicked by Cravings Dessert



Located at the newly constructed wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong, Wicked Cravings is an up-scale dessert-only cafe by Cravings. From brownies to cupcakes to the famous brookies, a fusion of brownies and cookies, an afternoon of “death by chocolate” was the best experience a sweet tooth can have. Oh, and before I totally forget, they also have chocolate-dipped bacons. 

Wicked Cravings is an exciting shop as we have divided our menu into Wickedly Sinful, Wickedly Sexy, and Wickedly Intoxicating. Here at Wicked, we make all your dessert fantasies come true!” said Chef Christine Paredes.


Wicked by Cravings DessertDeath by Chocolates at Wicked by Cravings 


We start our journey to wickedly good dessert with an unusual pairing: perfectly fried bacon plus chocolate, which they simply but aptly call Wicked Bacon Strip. It’s a huge strip of bacon with one side dipped in either white or dark chocolate, sprinkled with freshly ground pepper or shaved almonds. We suggest that you take a bite of the bacon first before indulging in the part where the bacon meets the chocolate.


Wicked by Cravings DessertWICKED BACON STRIP


Another savoury and sweet combination that we tried is Wicked’s Sinful Bacon Brownies. A generous chunk of moist brownies topped with a sinful strip of bacon and shaved almonds. It’s a sinful combination that must not be missed!


Wicked by Cravings DessertSINFUL BACON BROWNIE


My personal favorite is their Chocolate Barks, which comes in two variants: mallows and Grahams; and mallows and pecan. The mallows, Graham crackers, and pecans are engulfed by decadent white, milk, and dark chocolate, which goes really well together! Perfect to munch on while watching movies if you’re already tired of having popcorn.


Wicked by Cravings DessertCHOCOLATE BARKS: Mallows & Grahams (S’mores) – Php168.00/200g

Wicked by Cravings DessertCHOCOLATE BARKS: Mallows & Pecan – Php180.00/200g