Here’s Why You Should Look Into AXA

Photos by: Art Dalumpines III (ig: @artfdalumpines)

With everything that has happened this 2017, it has become so hard for anyone to look for the best and good things in life. If the world ever decides to take a time out from giving us crazy news, and figures it wants us to finally bless us with something; it would perhaps involve, Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, a complete healthy roster for the NBA Finals or a new relatable meme. To be quite honest, though, it wouldn’t be such a hard task to still be optimistic despite all the chaos in the world. There are quite a few great things left for us to be grateful about.

There’s an infinite imaginary list of things to still be thankful for, and here’s one of the many few things you can be grateful about, or perhaps be excited about: one of the fast growing life insurance providers has extended to the Philippines and is reaching new heights with their newest multiyear partnership with the prime basketball league NBA— AXA Philippines. Apart from the delighting news that makes AXA the official insurance partner of the NBA in the Philippines, the provisions and financial assistance AXA can deliver to the Filipino sounds even better once you hear what they have in store for each and every one of us.

Here's Why You Should Look Into AXA

Here’s what you can expect from AXA and why you should look into this global leader in insurance:

First and foremost, how cool is it to get mentored parallel to how coaches coach their players to victory (or victories!)?

What makes AXA different is their way of mentoring clients. They make sure they assist you in your financial choices. Just like any coach, their goal is to only assist you and not get the ball from you completely. They do not deprive you of control over your decisions nor do they rob you by giving you less of their service.

AXA is proud to provide fresh solutions to take the right path in your financial decisions. Additionally, they make sure they prepare and guide you in the right direction when it comes to saving and investing your money in better and worthwhile things: for growth and in preparation for retirement. They provide quality financial advising to prevent clients from committing misuse of hard work money aka the curse of impulse buying!

Here's Why You Should Look Into AXA

Secondly, they care about you and your family.

While they want you to continue growing under their supervision, AXA still wants you to grow alongside with the people you truly trust and care for the most: your family.

We all know that getting quality education for less is no joke,e specially during college. While it is true that fees are not getting any cheaper, AXA regards education as an investment worth preparing for.

Aside from assisting you with college for your mini-you(s), AXA is one step ahead with their Income Protection that eases expenses for your family if ever something unfortunate happens to you or a family member.

Here's Why You Should Look Into AXA

Brook Lopez is part of the AXA family.

As if giving you quality service isn’t enough, they invited the newest player of the LA Lakers to celebrate the partnership with NBA Philippines.

If you aren’t convinced about AXA, take Brook Lopez’s advice. He detailed the importance of having safeguards on and off the court (he also detailed his breakfast that day: Halo-Halo) and of getting health insurance. After all, basketball is the kind of sport where no player is safe from injuries.

Here's Why You Should Look Into AXA

The world is neither easy nor kind, which is why we need backup plans and security plans to safeguard our lives and future. This is also why we have insurance brands like AXA to make conquering challenges more than bearable and hopefully, overcome challenges victoriously that definitely inches us closer to whatever our ‘winning moment’ is.

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