Why you should bring your dog or cat to B Hotel Quezon City

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Are you tired of going to malls and parks, and are looking for a new itinerary for you and your pet? Look no fur-ther! Here’s why you should bring your dogs and cats to B Hotel Quezon City:

They’re not just pets, they’re family.

It’s always a good idea to enjoy some fur family bonding time.

You could play catch, give them endless belly rubs, or let them have their first hotel experience. There are so many ways to make new and precious memories with your pets.


They deserve a cozy staycation as much as their favorite humans.

Doesn’t it just break your heart seeing your pet whimpering through the window as you set off for a staycation?

Leave no fur baby behind! Treat your adorable and ever so loyal pet to a cozy staycation because they deserve it, too.

Because you can!

As a part of the family-oriented hotel group, The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, B Hotel Quezon City has gone through paw-some preparations to create a fun and safe environment for both humans and pets. On September 1, 2018, the hotel will be opening its doors to its fur-st ever dog and cat guests.

To know more about how you can enjoy a staycation with your fur baby in B Hotel Quezon City, call (02) 9905000.