Why are Stickers Making a Comeback?

Words by Trisha So

Surely, everyone remembers a simpler time when stickers – physical, adhesive, and limited – were every bit the craze. Back then, one always allotted part of their budget for these knick-knacks; hence, it is possible to find numerous packs found inside anyone’s drawers.

For those who can relate, I’ve got some good news for you: stickers are back! Once again, these all-purpose decorators are becoming hotter than cookies straight from the oven. They are growing cuter with every design release, as well, serving as an effective way to express oneself. Plus, they spice things up oh-so-effortlessly.


Perhaps sticker manufacturers know that they are in the perfect business right now, and because of that, they are creating better and more designs. These companies are aware that they have a growing market, thus they have many more to cater to. The professionals in those companies are hired and trained to understand their clients, of course; so once they have done that, new designs are due. Certainly, flower stickers cannot be expected to satisfy monster truck lovers, and travel stickers aren’t expected to just show off one destination. Worry not, though! New designs for anyone and everyone are now making their way to the market.


Consequently, to place these stickers anywhere – possibly on a planner, desk, or even a refrigerator – automatically showcases a person’s spunk. No two people are alike, and the existence and use of stickers can be the easiest proof for this. One may choose to decorate her dresser with the most adorable cat stickers or another may cover his dashboard with the coolest statement stickers. One may even demonstrate her love for bands or his following of a certain TV series by lining their lockers with the perfect fandom indicators. Furthermore, trading stickers is also very much an option, so even through this action, one can express his or her affinity for these!


On top of just showing off one’s character, these stickers can bring color and volume to anything that may classify as a tad bit too boring. A white wall can be made to come alive by placing one’s favorite characters upon it just as easily as a performance task can be truly completed with the use of washi tape for  who may not have enough time on their hands. For those obsessed with having beautiful notes but are not so artistically-inclined, the most exquisite stickers with traces of gold and silver can be used to border one’s notebook in the most elegant fashion. It truly is a great life to have embellishing just about anything be such an easy task!


For these reasons and much more, the hype over stickers cannot be questioned. Stickers to show off oneself in the easiest and most effective way possible? Yes, please!

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