Here’s Why Missing Magical Bones at the ‘Impossible’ Tour is a Bad Idea

Article by Sabrina Basilio / Photos by Jeanne Dizon

A lot of exciting things are coming to the Philippine stage in the next few months. We have for the first time ever, Disney’s ‘The Lion King Musical’ with all the hype of the upcoming live action movie; the much-anticipated return of Bruno Mars and John Legend; and of course the nth visit of beloved bands Paramore and Incubus. There’s simply too much to choose from!

We may or may not be complicating your life further by saying we got a glimpse of the breathtaking magic awaiting its audiences when IMPOSSIBLE opens on Christmas Day. We can only say this: we’ve probably never had anything like this; and the world’s greatest magic show is coming to Manila. This literally makes this tour a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch the grandest of grand illusions, close-up magic to keep you on your toes, and perhaps an assembly of fledgling artists like no other.

We had the chance to get up close and personal with one of the show’s most exciting talents whose name is on the rise in the magic industry today: Richard Essein, better known by his stage name, Magical Bones.

Dexterity and showmanship aren’t the only skills he’s got up his sleeve. Magical Bones is also an exceptional hip-hop dancer, having toured with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Alicia Keys, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas.

Magical Bones sets himself apart from other magicians with his hard-hitting dance style, allowing his love for breakdancing to fuse with his love for magic, putting together an incredible display of mastery, talent, and pure passion on stage. One of his signature tricks involves catching a card mid-backflip and flashing it to the audience for the world to drop its jaws at.

He tells us of his humble beginnings: it all began with a love for Michael Jackson and a magical set that was given to him as a gift. And while people would call this a fortuitous discovery between craft and natural craftsman, Magical Bones fuelled the fire with hard work and dedication.

Even the simplest of magic tricks could take years of practice, and such was his experience. He would sit in front of the mirror everyday for years in order to pull off the 5-second I-believe-this-is-your-card reveal. Obviously, the magic here is not the sort that defies physics or uses hidden natural forces like in Harry Potter or Stardust. But perhaps it is magic of a more noble kind: a magical force that drives a simple man to go out of his way to bring joy to millions of people.

Magic, for Magical Bones, is “a feeling of wonder and astonishment”, which is not only the promise to people who will come to see him perform at the IMPOSSIBLE shows, but also a testament to just how much an IMPOSSIBLE performer believes in the power of their artistry.

In his simple unadorned and humble way, Magical Bones allowed us a brief but momentous look  into what can be made possible by patience, discipline, and deep love for one’s craft. One could only imagine what he could accomplish with five more world-class performers at a stage like the Araneta Coliseum.

Join us watch the impossible happen at the IMPOSSIBLE magic show, which runs from December 25 to January 3. Catch stunning performances by artists like Magical Bones, Ali Cook (Inner Magic Circle member,) Chris Cox (award-winning mind reader,) Ben Hart (Young Magician of the Year awardee,) Josephine Lee (death-defying illusionist,) and Bello Nock (comedic daredevil stuntman).

Seriously, what do the Four Horsemen of ‘Now You See Me’ have to top this?


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