Why it can be smart to sometimes travel without a smartphone

travel without phone

Your smartphone can serve multiple purposes in your life, even in your travels. It can serve as your camera, navigator, and credit card. Therefore, having these purposes, it is difficult to leave your phone behind, especially if you will be roaming around a foreign city. Additionally, it keeps you connected to the world all the time. However, traveling is often done with the goal of disconnecting. So, although it may seem a bit weird to not take your phone with you sometimes, you may reap the following benefits when you do so when traveling around a certain place.

You can be present

Travelers often want to document their trips so that they can instantly share it on social media but it sometimes takes away the opportunity to enjoy the actual trip. You end up getting stressed capturing that perfect photo for your Instagram. Rather than doing this, traveling without your smartphone encourages you to be present in the moment. It also lets you experience the sights and sounds of your surroundings free of distraction. After all, why did you pay money and travel so far around the world if not to enjoy the moment?

You can be more spontaneous

It has become a requirement for modern travel that you conduct extensive research on a destination’s best attractions before arriving there. We often want to avoid unpleasant experiences so we try to go to destinations that have been pre-approved by the people from the internet. Now, without your smartphone, you will be given the opportunity to approach locals and ask them about the must-see places in their area. Without your smartphone, you can be more spontaneous on your travels.

Connect with more people

Traveling without your smartphone gives you a little push so you can go out of your comfort zone. Without your phone, you can interact with the people around you – with the locals or even with fellow travelers. Instead of just staring at your screen, you can build real connections and hone your social skills. Gain a new perspective of the destination you’re visiting by engaging with the people who know it best.

Any other reason why it might be smart to leave your smartphone behind even just for a day of travel?