Why I Still Prefer Watching Movies on TV Than on Mobile Gadgets

I’m not much of a fan of cable television. In fact, I have never had cable TV in my room. I am, however, a huge movie aficionado and as such, I have a huge DVD collection and a huge Sony TV in my room to satisfy my movie-watching needs.

When streaming apps ‘rose to power’, however, I neglected my TV for a while, reveling in the fact that I could watch some of my favorite movies from the screen of my phone or tablet. That didn’t last very long, though. See, while it’s fine to binge-watch my favorite TV shows at night alone and snuggled under my covers, using a real TV to watch my favorite movies still offers a completely different experience.

For starters, I can gather my family or friends together to bond over popcorn and movies – something you simply cannot experience on a phone or tablet. An especially big TV, like a Sony X8500D 4K HDR TV, and dim lights can even give the experience of being at a movie house… except it’s better because you get to choose from the slew of movies that you have, have your loved ones next to you and have more food and drinks (and several bathrooms) at your disposal as needed. You can also now get led screens for rent here. You can laugh as loudly as you want, too, without being judged by strangers. You can even have beer and pizza – the options are limitless! Without a doubt, movie nights with my loved ones are part of my favorite weekend pastimes. Sony TV 1

Second of all, I have come to find that a good TV is great for date nights with my daughter or my boyfriend, as well. Cranking the aircon up to a temperature that is just right while we cuddle in front of the TV makes for perfect lazy dates and even if it does get too cold during the course of the movie, I can just grab a blanket and keep cuddling. I can even fall asleep without feeling bad about missing out on the movie because I can just re-watch it the following day (just make sure you make use of that super handy Sleep function on your TV that other people tend to take for granted). Of course, we get to watch sports together, too! Sony TV 3

Since the Sony X8500D is a 4K HDR TV, I can do a bunch of other stuff on it, as well. You can watch YouTube videos on it, for example, including the latest trailers online. And trust me when I say watching trailers on a big screen than on a mobile screen makes all the difference. There was also this one time when we were debating about which movie a certain actor starred in and instead of getting up to get my phone, which was charging, I easily accessed Google on my TV and got the answer just as quickly. Sony TV 2

And let’s not forget how great certain movies look on a big screen, please! The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, and Titanic, for example, are just some movies that offer a whole new experience when watched on a bigger screen. (My ultimate guilty pleasure, though, is Magic Mike. :p)

On that note, the sound system on an actual TV is also so much better than the sounds that we get to hear on our handheld gadgets. Being a huge Star Wars fan, the Star Wars movies, in particular, are an absolute joy to watch on a TV with a big screen and a great sound system! All hail technology! Sony TV 4

Naturally, the type of TV that you have will also play a big part in your overall movie-watching experiences at home. The Sony 8500D 4K Android TV ensures that everything I watch on it is an absolute joy as it provides almost the same experience as an actual movie house, but from the comforts of my own home. Check out this video on some of the best movies to watch on an awesome TV:

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