Why I Now Ship Wilodia!

Article by Denise Nicole Uy / Photos by Jillian Bueno

Going in to Rootote’s cute pop-up store in Sm North Edsa The Block, I didn’t expect to see so many people waiting to meet and greet Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao! I admit I wasn’t familiar with “Wilodia” before this; I didn’t even know they were a couple! But after seeing them interact in person, I can totally see why so many people ship them. Seeing the heart eyes they gave each other made me so kilig!


When they were playing “How well do you know each other?” Wil would answer with cute pet names for Alodia. It was clear that they only had eyes for each other even with a whole crowd there.

Alodia kept gushing about how sweet Wil is to her, how he’s so loving and caring, and how much he enjoys cooking for her! How cute is that? Don’t you just love shipping couples who clearly think the world of each other?


But they have their fair share of teasing, too.

And the chemistry between them is so palpable I feel like I’m in a lab class, ahem, love class. This is what loves looks like: the teasing, the laughter, and the acceptance of what they mean to each other.


I wasn’t familiar with their vlogs before this, but I was super impressed by how they interacted with their fans! They were super friendly and genuinely loved interacting with them. Wil and Alodia were so impressed when a fan brought a drone just to take videos of the event, and when their fans asked them to dance… by golly, did they dance! They brought the beat in and just hopped right in to dance along with everyone.


Honestly, Wil and Alodia aren’t just talented vloggers; they are caring people, as well. Throughout the event, they made sure that their fans felt appreciated and had a good time!

They complimented people on their cosplays and were very game to be part of other people’s vlogs of the event.


Wil chose The Save Palawan Seas foundation to accept 10% of all Rootote sales from May 19 until June 3. Being such an all-around great guy, it’s totally easy to see why Alodia looks at him like Meghan Markle looks at Prince Harry!

If you don’t ship Wilodia yet, you should start watching their vlogs. I guarantee that you will or at least you’ll look at them and go “awwwww”!


3/F SM City North Edsa The Block, Quezon City

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