Why I Keep Going Back to the Devcon Summit: My Devcon 2016 Experience

Devcon Summit will always have a room in my heart. My first article on WhenInManila.com is about them. Now, after my fourth consecutive year of attending, I’ll recount the things that I love about this summit, in general.


Devcon Summit 2016 teeming with developers

Devcon Summit 2016 was themed ‘Developer Future Forward’ or #DevFutureForward. It was held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay last November 5 and 6. This 2-day event featured future-forward developer trends, practices and tools, so that participants could get an edge to become the best developers in the industry.


A little ice breaker to start the summit

Here are the 5 reasons I keep going to Devcon Summit:

5. Learning new things and keeping up with the trends

In the IT world, there are a lot of fields. You could be a web developer, apps developer, database administrator, full stack developer, UX engineer and the list goes on. It is important for us to pick up the latest advancements in our particular fields.


Brian Rowe talking about chat bots

For example, I’m a mobile apps developer. With hardware performing faster and better, the number of things we can do with smartphones grows and we could do more cool stuff with development.

Devcon Summit 2016 had breakout sessions for us to learn about today’s hottest trends, like Mobile Development, Game Development, Internet of Things, User Experience, DevOps, Virtual Reality, and Front-End Frameworks.


4. Learning From The Experts and Developing the Best Practices

I’ve been coding for around 10 years now and have been working in the field for almost 5 years. I’ve learned that you need to make good quality apps because people make them a part of their lives. Take Facebook as an example and you’ll realize that it’s the first thing that you check after turning off your alarm in the morning.

Many aspects of our lives revolve around technology, as well, like banking, entertainment and even work. It is our job as developers to maintain good quality apps by ensuring we work smart and code right.


Mica Diaz De Rivera talks about User Experience

This year, I’ve chosen to go to sessions that would bring value to my company. I lead most of our projects and do full stack development. That’s why I attended sessions for UX, so that I can understand how to make effective apps that users will love. I also attended DevOps sessions, so that we can build better apps with proper practices; and Front-End Frameworks sessions, so the things that I learned from UX can be translated into functional apps.


Danny Honrado with Accelerating Software Delivery with DevOps

3. Community


I love the Devcon community. It really helped me a lot in building my career. Devcon really delivers to its name: Developers Connect. Because of them, I met people working in Facebook, Google and a lot of great homegrown developers. I usually interact with them through social media and ask them technical questions to make my apps work.


In the summit, I networked with the partners and sponsors of Devcon Summit 2016 at their booths. I engaged with them, so that we can do business with them.


That weekend can also be described as generous. Thanks to the partners and sponsors, a lot of prizes were given away, the top prizes being an iPad Air and a MacBook Air.





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