Why I’m Obsessed With Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique Lipstick Line

Words by Jesh Orquina / Photos by Paolo Pareno

As someone who has been a lipstick lover for years, I know exactly what I want in a lipstick. Lately, I have been more into liquid lipsticks because of their smudge-proof and long-lasting formulas. (I’m a busy girl, I don’t have time to retouch!)

In fact, I was even thinking about quitting regular lipsticks altogether because I just couldn’t find one that lives up to my standards. When I learned about Snoe Beauty’s latest lipstick collection, I was intrigued but I didn’t really expect too much. After being able to try out the lipsticks, though, I can now say that Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks really did not meet my expectations… they exceeded it.

Rich in Exotic Oils and Butters

Snoe Lipstick Rouge Deluxe

These lipsticks may be matte, but they’re super creamy!

Why “Exotique”? Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks are made with 10 exotic oils and butters. Some of these oils include buriti oil and andiroba oil, both known for their beauty benefits. The lipsticks boast of a buttery matte creme finish. The finish is matte; but thanks to the moisturizing ingredients, you won’t have to worry about these lipsticks drying your lips out. (Not to mention, they smell really nice!)


Snoe Lipstick

Snoe Beauty’s lipsticks can be applied effortlessly!

One thing I always notice when I try on new lipstick is how easy or difficult it is to apply it to my lips. Some lipsticks are a little bit too easy to apply to the point that I end up with lipstick all over the place, while some are difficult to apply that I end up with uneven patches all over my lips. With Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks, you won’t have any of those problems! Snoe’s lipsticks glide smoothly on the lips, leaving a nice even color. It’s very buildable, as well!


Snoe lipstick

Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks’ packaging comes in bold colors!

Although Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks are mostly on the nude color range, the colors are still very vivid. As beauty vloggers would often say: it’s very pigmented! There’s no need for you to build on layers and layers and lipstick; just put on one layer and you’re good to go. Perfect for those who are always on the go (like me)!

Full Coverage

Snoe Lipstick

Snoe Beauty’s lipsticks are so pigmented, you just need one swipe to get full coverage!

There is nothing I hate more than lipstick that doesn’t cover my whole lips. If you’re like me, sheer coverage when it comes to lipsticks is a big no-no. I love lipsticks that can cover everything, not just provide a subtle tint to my natural lip color. If that’s also the case for you, then Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks are definitely a must-have.


Snoe Lipstick Swatches

Snoe Beauty’s lipstick shades show up beautifully on every skin tone! (Shades used: Self-centered, Disloyal)

For me, this is the most important factor when it comes to choosing makeup. Being the busy girl that I am, I am all for makeup that will last the whole day, especially when it comes to lipsticks. This is something that I usually only get from liquid lipsticks.

That’s why I was so impressed when I swatched Snoe Beauty’s Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks on the back of my hand and when I tried to wipe them off, they didn’t budge! That was the moment I knew that this was the perfect lipstick for me.

Bonus: “Labels are for products, not for people” campaign


If you’re familiar with Snoe’s other products, you know how they really put a lot of thought into the packaging of their products. Their Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipstick line is no different. However, unlike their usual cute designs, their Rogue Deluxe Exotique lipsticks come in bold packaging of black and red.

They also have interesting choices of name shades, namely: EVIL, PSYCHO, PRETENTIOUS, COPYCAT, BITTER, ANGER, DESTRUCTION, TRAITOR, DISLOYAL, DISAPPOINTMENT, SELF-CENTERED, and BAD. This is in line with their “Labels are for products, not for people” campaign. According to the CEO of Snoe Beauty, Jen Gerodias Diaz, “‘Labels are for products, not for people’ campaign is my punch in the face for all those bullies, intrigeras, and chismosas. So bring it on! Because sticks and stones may break my bones but words, those ugly words can never hurt me.”

Snoe Beauty

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