Why happn Trumps Other Dating Apps in the Metro

Are you a fan of dating apps? Whether you use one or a few when you’re bored or on a regular basis, you’ll want to hear about happn, the latest dating app to be launched in the Metro. Not only is it the latest dating app, it’s also the best one so far, in my opinion. Why? Let me paint a couple of scenarios for you.

1. How many times have you “met” someone on a dating app just to meet them in person and realize that they don’t actually look like their photos at all?

2. How many times have you seen someone incredibly attractive in person, but were too shy to approach them, so you instead whipped out your phone, turned on your dating app, set the distance to 2km and hoped that they would show up while you were still in the same area?

Yeah. While I’ve only been through the first scenario once, I have been through the second scenario too many times: having to watch an attractive guy walk away just because I had no idea how to approach him or say hi. Because let’s face it: how can we tell if a smile is a polite one or an I-think-you’re-cute-too one?

happn manila dating app

happn takes care of that.

With happn, you can actually meet people you have crossed paths with and would like to find again. As long as that person has the app installed in their phone, as well, their profile will immediately show up on the app.

happn is the answer to a universal desire: “How can you find that attractive stranger again – the one you didn’t dare to approach?”

Sure, the stranger might not have the app, but having this feature eliminates the need to manually look for them the way that we used to with other apps.

How does it work? Well, whenever you cross paths with somebody that you like, simply like them on the app. The other person won’t know that you liked them unless they liked you, too! In case you’re interested, you’ll even get to see exactly where your paths crossed through a nifty map at the bottom of your crush’s profile. Thanks to happn, getting stuck in traffic isn’t so bad all of a sudden. 😉

happn manila dating app

So, the next time you see someone cute lined up at the coffee shop or sitting with a bunch of friends at a bar, you can connect with him or her the moment your paths cross. No more refreshing of an app with hopes they show up on it.

And oh, the app also has a little bonus to it: the Charm option, which sends the other person a notification that you liked them, even if they didn’t like you back. This will really put your profile forward and make them realize how much of an impression they made on you, potentially getting them to like you back. Still confused as to how things work? Watch this:

Naturally, the best way to figure things out would be to try it yourself. What have you got to lose anyway? Find out more by downloading the app for free on the App Store, Play Store and Windows Store. Download happn and make things happen. 😉

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