Why ‘The Great Seungri Show’ Is the Best Fan Service for All VIPs

With the mandatory military enlistment of the four members of the rightfully dubbed “Kings of K-Pop” BIG BANG last year, Seungri is armed with a responsibility to accompany the VIPs on the “flower road” as the group takes an indefinite hiatus.

Seungri released his first Korean album, “The Great Seungri,” on July 20, 2018 – his pursuit of an own artistical statement delighting many fans around the world. The star recently staged the Manila leg of his solo tour last January 19, and it was AMAZING, to say the least.

seungri show

Seungri in Manila © Facebook/Loong Studio

If you weren’t able to attend the concert, don’t worry! This definitely isn’t the last of his or BIG BANG’s Manila visit. In the meantime, though, let’s focus on the great entertainer that is Seungri. Here’s why ‘The Great Seungri Show’ is the best fan service for all VIPs:

He gave an all-out performance despite the low turnout in attendance.

The number of concert attendees that night wasn’t exactly how fans or Seungri would have liked (it was almost like a private fan meeting), but the confirmation of the Manila leg of the tour was announced so late that VIPs had little to no time to save up for the tickets.

Seungri was apologetic for not finalizing the schedules beforehand, and as his way of making up for it, he gave an all-out performance to make sure it was a memorable night for all of the fans there. He sang his hits perfectly, hyped up the crowd, danced to the beat of his songs, served awesome BIG BANG medleys, and even performed Inigo Pascual’s hit song ‘Dahil Sa’yo’ with his Tagalog pronunciation on point! (Note: He only had two days to practice and memorize the whole song. He later joked that learning the song was easy because it was just like greeting a person in Korean: “Annyeonghaseyo” and “Dahil Sa’yo” sounds similar.)

He shared the stage with Dara.

Seungri is a great solo entertainer, but he’s also always one to share the stage with fellow artists.

seungri show2

Dara performing in The Seungri Show Manila © Facebook/Loong Studio

Former 2NE1 member Dara had a special participation in The Great Seungri Tour 2019, wowing the crowd performing 2NE1’s hit songs. Dara had always been vocal about wanting to perform again since her group’s disbandment, and this show made her and her fans’ dreams come true!

He interacted with the fans all throughout the show.

From joking around with fans to creating an LSS-worthy “Tagumpay” song (a play on his name Seungri which means “victory” in Korean, and “tagumpay” in Filipino), which he suggested could be a hit song in a future album, he made a lot of VIPs smile!

He also said he’d be entering the military soon, and when fans started making sad “Aww” remarks, he snapped back with a comment saying, “You say you’re sad now, but when G-Dragon comes out, you’ll be like, “OMG! GD! Woo! I love you!” There was never a dull moment in the show because of his humor and energy.

He honored his BIG BANG members.

…in a funny way. He showed a couple of crazy pictures of the members such as G-Dragon’s infamous tamago sushi hair, Daesung’s happy face being compared to a smiling Shiba-Inu dog, Taeyang’s edited kimbap hair, and even his own derp photos.

seungri show1

When fans asked about TOP, Seungri said he was “very okay.” When he wasn’t joking anymore, he said he wanted VIPs to shine (with the crown light sticks and phone lights) when BIG BANG comes back.

(Uggghh, our hearts!)

Seungri definitely did a great job in making his fans happy during his show and keeping BIG BANG’s name alive before his nearing enlistment!

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Don’t you just wish we can fast forward to the time they’re all together on stage again? Then, we can wave the crown light sticks to our heart’s delight and cry together as they sing “Flower Road” live.