Why FILED’s Scribble Planner is My Planner of Choice for 2017

Planners, planners, planners… Some people go crazy during the holidays collecting stickers at their favorite coffee shop for a ‘free’ planner. I gotta admit: I used to be that person.

However, not all coffee shop planners are what they used to be anymore. A lot of the time, the space to write on is cramped now; the paper is too thin to use markers on; and/or the designs no longer fit every person’s personality.

I started branching out in terms of planners three years ago and that’s when I realised that there are so many amazing brands out there that go unnoticed because of the coffee shop planner craze. One of those brands is FILED – and here’s why their Scribble Planner is my planner of choice this 2017.

It looks great.

As superficial as this sounds, the fact remains: I want my planner to look good. And FILED’s Scribbler Planner looks great. The calligraphy on it, the colors, even the texture of the planner – it screams ‘pretty’, and that’s always what I want my planner to be: pretty.

Scribble Planner Filed

It has a lot of space for you to write on.

Some planners don’t have a lot of space for people to write on – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I know some people who use their planners purely to jot down important meetings and birthdays or quick to-do notes. Not me, though. I treat my planners as a sort of journal, so space to write on is an absolute must. The Scribble Planner does not skimp in this department. Check out how much space you have to write in it!

Scribble Planner Filed

It comes with a monthly expense tracker.

Whether you’re saving up for something or simply want to keep track of what you spend your money on, the Scribble Planner has a monthly Expense Tracker that will help you budget your money and figure out where all your money is going every month. I’ve come to find that have an Expense Tracker helps very much. Without one, I don’t actually notice how much money I unnecessarily spend on food, money and/or cigarettes per month. A tracker ensures more savings – trust me!

Scribble Planner Filed

It comes with a ‘plan tracker’, too!

Expenses aren’t the only things you can track with the Scribble Planner; you can track your plans, too! Every month, you can keep track of your tiny wins in the planner and take time to internalize, so you know which areas you need to improve on. We are usually so busy nowadays that we forget the plans that we set for ourselves.

With this in your planner, you can be sure that you’ll always stay on track and will feel truly accomplished by the end of the year.

Scribble Planner Filed

And here’s a bonus: they have a smaller planner, too, called the Keepsake Planner, which is just as awesome as the Scribble Planner.

Scribble Planner Filed

Here’s a closeup of the Bucket List part seen on the left side above:

Scribble Planner Filed

As with the Scribble Planner, the Keepsake Planner has a TON of space for you to jot down your memories on. This might be the better choice for those who love to doodle, though, because it doesn’t have any lines on it.Scribble Planner Filed

If you want to get organised this 2017, FILED’s Scribble Planner is definitely the way to go. FILED also has a lot of other products available. Read Rebecca’s article on how she organises with style with FILED here.