Why Commuting around the Metro is Full of ‘Hugot’

Rushing from point A to B within the metro is considered a challenge with its long queues, packs of passengers, and ability to while away precious time. The daily commute may seem like a struggle but there are different ways to overcome the frustration and triumph against it.

If jeepneys are the kings of the road, we also have the friendly neigborhood hero of transportation – the LRT 1 – as an alternative in avoiding the everyday gridlock.

Commuting is no easy feat, reason why LRT 1 operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) reminds us to always stay safe in stations and around the trains in a way that daily commuters would understand – with hugot.

LRT Safety (6)

10. Kapag mabagal ka, mauunahan ka.”

Travel early so you have time to spare in case of unprecedented events along the way.

9. Buti pa ang pag-commute laging mainit, tayo hindi.”

Wear breathable clothing in case it’s crowded and humid within the stations or trains for a comfortable commute.

LRT Safety (1)

8. Paglabas nga ng pamasahe hindi mo mabigyan ng oras, ako pa kaya?”

Prepare your money in advance when you need to buy a train ticket or reload your Beep card. Keep your Beep card in hand when entering the station, to not cause any delay.

7. “Huwag mo na siyang habulin, masasaktan ka lang.”

If you need to hurry, be careful on the stairs so as not to miss a step.

LRT Safety (4)

6. Hindi lahat ng gwapo, manloloko.”

Be wary of your surroundings to avoid being taken advantage of.

LRT Safety (7)

5. Nakuha mo na nga ang puso ko, pati ba naman lahat ng pagmamay-ari ko?”

Securing your belongings within the trains and the stations should be your top priority.

4. Huwag mo nang ipilit. Masasaktan ka lang.”

Don’t force yourself inside the train when it’s already full. Best to wait for the right one.  The right train has ample space for everyone.

3. “Wag ma-fall. Delikado.”

Mind the gap when riding the train. Don’t rush in. Watch your step. All of these should be done to avoid getting hurt or hurting somebody else.

LRT Safety (5)

2. “Tama na ang pagharang sa kaligayahan ng iba; sasaya ka din.”

Stand aside whenever passengers are getting off the train. Fall in line so you won’t cause any delay to those alighting the train, to yourself, and to your fellow commuters.

1. Read the signs para di mag-assume at masaktan.”

Always follow the implemented rules to ensure safety when traveling within the trains and stations.

LRT Safety (2) LRT Safety (3)

LRMC strongly promotes safety in the trains. If we want to ensure safety in our trips, we should always act with a “Be Safe” mindset. The safety you give is the safety you get. After all, “happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

What are your friendly “hugot” reminders when commuting?