Why Avoid Fast and Unguided Detox Diets?

Why Avoid Fast and Unguided Detox Diets

Detox is a hot topic these days, with a lot of people wanting to flush accumulated toxins out of their body after having consumed a lot of food and alcohol during the holiday season. Detox is also highly associated with weight loss, which is a common inclusion in individual’s New Year’s resolutions.


While detox has a lot of benefits, one should not just try it without learning more about its pros and cons. Neither should one pick up some random DIY detox kit or undergo a juice fast just because it is trendy and promises some quick fix. Keep in mind that doing it hastily and without expert advice may lead to health problems.

Vitamin deficiency is one of the dangers of these types of fast and unguided detox diets. According to an article at activebeat.com, taking in more water but no solid food may make the body suffer because it keeps on burning energy even if it is deprived of food to replenish from. As a result, there is absence of key vitamins and nutrients. This practice may lead to weakness, headaches, heart palpitations, irritability, memory loss, collapse, and eyesight problems. It may also make the body more vulnerable to infection. Things can get even worse when prolonged weekly.

Resorting to detox diet pills can also be risky. Detox pills contain diuretics that release excess water from the body. This follows the idea that overweight individuals have excessive amount water in their bodies, therefore expelling the extra liquid will help them lose weight. Apart from diuretics, detox pills also contain laxatives, whose goal is to stimulate bowel movement and assist the body in ejecting waste. Things become dangerous when the body loses water to a dangerously low level.

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This is why when you want to detoxify, it’s best to go beyond these quick diets and solutions and choose a healthy lifestyle instead. After all, bodily systems are designed to naturally clean themselves out. They sometimes encounter more toxins than they can handle, but you can always consume healthy food that can help these systems do the job.

You may also take part in a wellness program that promotes sustainable change in the body, just like what Nurture Wellness Village is offering. Instead of giving you just juices to rely on at all times or pills to take while you sit on the couch whole day, the program will equip you with all the information you need to detoxify the healthy way.

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Nurture’s detox program is designed by a doctor and facilitated by a highly trained wellness team including a registered nurse, nutritionist, wellness chef, and wellness therapists.  In the course of the program, you will undergo wellness treatments to naturally get rid of toxins in your body, with the help of charcoal treatments, enemas, supervised meal plans, massages, and other healing treatments. Pampering treatments like facials make you feel nurtured as you go through the program.

Under the loving care of Nurture’s wellness team, you will embark on a wellness journey that not only detoxifies your body but also nourishes and rejuvenates your soul.

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