Why Are People Sending Inappropriate Pics to Vico Sotto?

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said during the city’s COVID-19 inoculation program that about 2 people sent him photos of them receiving the COVID-19 vaccine from their behinds. He shared in a Facebook live video why Pasig residents may have opted to receive it through that part of their body: “Minsan kasi pag may tattoo, bawal magpaturok sa braso. Hindi puwede sa tattoo site yung injection.” [If you have a tattoo, you cannot be injected on your arm. The injection cannot be administered on the tattoo site.]

Sotto then appealed to his constituents to stop sending these inappropriate photos: “Okay lang naman mabakunahan sa puwet. Normal ‘yan, medikal naman ang usapan pero pakiusap huwag niyo na po i-send sa akin.” [It’s okay to get vaccinated through your butt. That’s normal, medically speaking, but please don’t send it to me.]
Ang dami ko na pong iniisip, wag niyo na po idagdag ‘yung puwet ninyo sa iniisip ko,” he said. [I have a lot on my mind already, don’t add your butt to the things that I have to think about.]

‘Pag sa braso, okay lang. I-send niyo sakin,” he added. [If it’s on your arm, that’s okay. Send it to me.]
Medical updates about the vaccination in the city, financial aid for the residents, and other announcements were also discussed in his Facebook live. Watch the full video below:




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