Which of These 10 Types of Pinoy Online Shoppers Are You?

Words by Meldrick Tin

Over the past few years, e-commerce, commonly known as online shopping, has quickly taken over the shopping and retail scene in the Philippines. With popular online shopping apps and online shopping websites booming among Filipino consumers, alongside the ease of transacting online through debit or credit cards, bank transfers, or mobile payment apps, online shopping continues to make consumers’ lives easier because you can buy literally anything anytime, anywhere!

Whether you’re an online seller or you’re an online shopper yourself, I’m pretty sure that you’ve encountered at least one of these online personas. Below are the 10 most common types of Pinoy online shoppers I’ve personally dealt with.

10. The “Hm?” and “Lp?”

Online Shopping 7 1

The first message you’ll probably see from a potential online buyer when you’re selling an item is “Hm?”—which stands for “how much?” or “lp?”—which stands for “last price?” Without a doubt, the price of the item is probably the first thing that is being considered by Filipinos when buying. Is it sulit? Is it worth it? Filipinos also love asking for the lowest price they can get the item for, and sometimes even ask for more freebies even if you’re already giving them such a huge steal!

9. The “Is this still available?”

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God knows how many “Is this still available?” messages I’ve received from hundreds and thousands of potential online buyers. If not about the price, the first question they’ll ask is about the product’s availability. (Then they ask about the price, who knew?) And yes, it is still available, until marked reserved or sold.

8. The “Mine!”

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Photo from Instagram @pbbabscbntv

When you’re posting stuff on Facebook or Instagram, and the things you’re selling are up for bidding, shoppers are usually aggressive when commenting “Mine!” They often also put the price they’re willing to get it for, and then another competitive shopper will then comment with a higher price! The thread goes on and on until whoever gives the best deal for the seller gets the item.

7. The “More pics/photos?”

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Especially when you’re selling clothing items or shoes, online shoppers love asking for more pictures or photos of the item, as if the ones you posted aren’t already enough. As an online seller, it’s such a tedious task to look for that particular clothing item or that pair of shoes, then take multiple shots on different angles to patiently send to them. And guess what? Sometimes, they never even reply after that. Hay.

6. The Sino’ng mag-aadjust?

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When your buyer isn’t fond of having their products shipped or delivered, you often end up with having meet ups. Meet ups, though, aren’t exactly always convenient for the online seller. Some meet up locations are only convenient for the buyer, and you’d really have to take the road less taken just to meet up with your buyer, and vice versa. Question is, sino’ng mag-aadjust?

5. The Bargainer

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Filipinos love to bargain. The bargaining though, doesn’t only happen in Divisoria, Greenhills, tiangges or ukay-ukays. Yes, even in online shopping, buyers love to get the best deal from their products.

4. The Non-bargainer

For some, however, they don’t like asking for a cheaper price for the products you sell. These (probably sosyal and well-off) buyers are already pretty much satisfied with the price you indicate it for. As an online seller, your capitalist alter ego is probably jumping for joy when this rare occasion happens. But, sana all.

3. The Ghoster


After exchanging multiple conversations with your online shopper regarding the product’s availability, price, whether it will be for shipping or meet-up, and what the mode of payment will be, they just ghost you. They just never reply to you anymore. Simple as that.

2. The Makulit

These types of shoppers may come off as two things. Either they’re makulit in the sense that they constantly, but politely, ask for updates regarding the product being sold, or they’re just really makulit to the point that they keep bugging you and chatting you about stuff. Even if you leave them on inbox just for 1 minute, they go ahead and keep annoying you with the same question over and over again. Please don’t be the latter and try to respect your seller’s personal space.

1. The Lutang or Sabaw

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Photo from JD’s Kicks PH

Last but not the least, some online shoppers are really just… whaaat?

Which type of Pinoy online shopper are you? Share it with us in the comments section below!