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Everybody has a dream body. Like in most cases, going through a fitness journey alone with effort and perseverance will pay off indefinitely; but having a better guide can make your fitness journey easier and more meaningful.

A guide can ultimately be your personal coach or gym trainer, but what most people don’t know is that nutrition brands are unsung heroes that can actually make all the difference in your routine. The products these brands manufacture are a great help in making workouts more efficient because they provide nutrients that you need before and after you exercise. 

Most people buy international brands due to the fact that they believe they’re more trusted, but imports don’t necessarily equate to quality. One rising local company is proving that you can get more for less. Meet Wheyl Nutrition Co.

Wheyl Nutrition Co. is a local nutrition brand that started operating last May and has already captured the attention of many. They’re generally very pleasing to look at, but their brand promise and warm customer service are what made people love them even more. 

Aside from providing quality products, they are also committed to helping their customers in every way possible— they want to be your ultimate partner on your road to fitness. Through simple ways, Wheyl Nutrition Co. posts informative and inspirational posts on their social media and are open to emails, messages, and the like should anyone have any questions regarding their physical needs. On that note, they also very much value customer feedback.

Because of this mission, they are worth investing in because you get the most out of their products. You’ll know when to take them, what you can do to maximize its nutrition, etc.   

They currently have a line called JUST Whey Protein which comes in five flavors: Naked White, Melon Milk, Salted Chocolate, Double Berry, and Clean Caramel. Each one only costs Php550 (for 15 servings) and you can even buy them in bulk to enjoy discounts – way cheaper than imported goods. This is a testament that you can pay less than the average, and still benefit from quality, service, and convenience. Just order online and your protein needs will be delivered right to your doorstep in no time. 

Taste isn’t really a factor when it comes to consuming Whey, but one thing is for sure: Wheyl Nutrition Co.’s JUST Whey Protein is delicious. Your fitness journey can be rewardingly sweet—literally!  

Their blend is made of just the essentials (that’s why it’s called JUST Whey Protein!), so you will get a good 23g of protein per serving, making it easier for you to reach your targeted macros. You can either use it to bulk up easily or you can drink it as a meal replacement to slim down since you get the same (if not more of the) nutritional value you need without consuming a lot of calories.  

Wheyl Nutrition Co. will be releasing other products, too, such as BCAA, Creatine, vegan protein, and supplements in the near future. There might even be new JUST Whey Protein flavors to enjoy, so be sure to check their social media accounts for announcements! (They get their customers’ input when choosing new flavors.)

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It’s always nice to support local, especially when you know it’s globally competitive. Order one now and get the body you have always wanted with Wheyl Nutrition Co. by your side! 

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Wheyl Nutrition Co. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wheylco

Instagram: @wheylco

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