Here’s Where You Can Order Addicting Cream Puffs

Earlier this quarantine, a friend of mine asked me where he could order the best cream puffs. At the time, I was stumped. I hadn’t found any good online stores that delivered cream puffs yet. Things have changed since then, though. Now, I am proud to say I have a list of 6 amazing online stores that offer cream puffs so addicting, you won’t be able to stop at just one. Here they are.

Here’s Where You Can Order Addicting Cream Puffs

6. Doki Bake (@doki_bake)

Location: Antipolo

Photo from Doki Bake

Anna Santiago, a professional photographer, started 2020 on a high note with a lot of bookings for weddings and events. Due to the pandemic, however, her photography business with her partner hit a halt. Six months into the lockdown and with their jobs still on hold, they decided to venture into online selling out of boredom and anxiety. “Never did we think that it would be involving food,” she admits.

Doki Bake is inspired by the term “Doki Doki”, which is a Japanese sound symbolism for the beating of the heart. Based in Antipolo, they offer baked goods, such as coconut macaroons, panna cotta, and their crowd favorite cream puffs.

When it comes to their cream puffs, Doki Bake started simple with a custard filling before adding vanilla beans to give them a fragrant aroma and more of a flavor. For the glaze, they chose Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Now, they have a lot of different flavors for you to choose from, including Matcha, Salted Caramel Latte, and even Chocnut!

5. The Bunny Bakes (

Location: Quezon City

Photo from The Bunny Bakes

The Bunny Bakes is a brand created during the pandemic under the co-working space and cafe ‘The Other Room. It was made in honor of the life and love of The Other Room’s founder, Zeldy’s daughter Danella (Bunny is her boyfriend’s term of endearment for her). “Danella passed away last year and we are here to continue what she started,” Zeldy shares.

The Bunny Bakes offers the favorites of Zeldy’s children. Back in the day, she would bring home cream puffs from a popular Japanese brand and this is her take on the old favorite choux pastry baked until golden, light, airy, and filled with vanilla custard and whipped cream with just the right amount of sweetness.

4. Creme Vanille (

Location: Pasay

Sheilani Dagdagan started Creme Vanille with her siblings this August 2020. It started when Sheilani started cooking and baking for the family during quarantine and they thought: why not take a risk and earn from it, too? Since cream puffs are Sheilani’s favorite dessert and she has always loved them since she was a kid, she knew she would be proud to make them, especially since cream puffs involve hard work and complement her personality as a Science teacher.

Creme Vanille’s are HUGE and made with the best quality ingredients. However, they are still affordable. Plus, they taste GREAT! Sheilani personally studied recipes, experimented, and created them all on her own to standardize the brand’s taste. “We do not use substitutes or alternatives for anything that goes in our puffs and creams,” she adds.

3. Creampuffsmnl (@creampuffsmnl)

Location: Manila

Photo by @glistsocial

Monica Manalansan and her sister decided to sell cream puffs because it is their family’s staple dessert – and a nostalgic one for them at that. They started selling to relatives and friends first, and are now sharing the deliciousness of their cream puffs with the public. Creampuffsmnl focuses solely on cream puffs to ensure the best quality and to develop and reinvent the usual flavors into something extraordinary that will make your tastebuds happy.

All of Creampuffmnl’s flavors are their original recipes and are baked on the same day of your order. They have various flavors available, and they even have an artisan croquembouche (the cream puff tower seen in the photo above)! 

2. The Softbox Patisserie (@thesoftboxpatisserie)

Location: Quezon City

Photo from The Softbox Patisserie

When Nikki Mensenares left her job at a marketing agency, her partner encouraged her to put up a business. When she couldn’t decide between photography and baking, she decided on The Softbox Patisserie where she can do both of the things that she loves. “I try my best to make food look good on camera and taste good in real life, always keeping in mind the phrase ‘taste as good as it looks'”, she shares.

Unlike the other pastries on the menu that were developed through extensive research and tons of trial and error, the recipe of their bestselling cream puffs was passed down by Nikki’s mom. “I just made a few tweaks to suit people’s taste, making sure the sweetness is balanced and the texture is just right,” Nikki adds. “I think it’s really hard to find good quality but affordable cream puffs nowadays, so I feel like that is our edge.” The Softbox Pattiserie offers products that are mostly for snacking, but they do plan on expanding to other products, as well.

1. Choux Baker PH (@chouxbakerph)

Location: Paranaque

Photo from Choux Baker PH

Being an international flight attendant, Bettina Alparce has had a lot of free time since quarantine started since they haven’t been operating normally. Choux Baker PH, however, started from a dream. Bettina’s mother, the cook in the family, died two years ago. “I grew up with my tummy always happy because she made the best meals and desserts,” Bettina shares. “When she died, her food died with her.”

One night, Bettina dreamt of her cream puffs with their airy light crust and creamy vanilla custard. When she woke up, she knew she had to recreate them. “Even with her recipe available, she wasn’t there to guide me through the steps,” Bettina says, “so it took some time to get it right. But when I finally did, I almost cried when I took a bite. It was like she never left! That’s when I realized that one way to feel her presence again is through her food.”

Choux Baker PH’s Burnt Sugar Candy cream puffs are made the way Bettina’s mom originally made them. The Butterscotch Syrup ones, on the other hand, come from her sweet tooth. If you aren’t fond of super sweet variants, they have the Original. They will also be coming up with new fillings soon: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.

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