18 Places to Get Refreshing Treats – Perfect for the Summer Heat

With summer days ahead, we’re all looking forward to everything that will refresh, energize, and revitalize. The good news is that whether you’re enjoying thrilling rides or watching the sunset at SM by the Bay; shopping or dining with family and friends at the main mall or savoring gourmet cuisine at S Maison, there are a lot of cool stops serving frozen desserts, milk, tea, and smoothies at the SM Mall of Asia Complex.

The milk tea craze has made us aware of the many possibilities and flavors of this popular drink, not to mention its health benefits.

Photo from Chatime

Chatime is one of the first to ride on the milk tea craze hit the Philippines with its fresh and savory tapioca pearls. Quench your thirst with Chatime’s superior pure cocoa.

Photo from Coco

Coco’s classic Panda Milk Tea, caramel milk tea, and caramel chocolate are all must-tries.

Photo from Macao ImperialTea

Macao Imperial Tea’s cheesecake and pearl milk tea is a classic.

As a tropical country, our cuisine has many delightful ways to keep cool, and the good news is that modern Filipino restaurants have given traditional recipes a twist.

Photo from Razon’s

At Razon’s, halo-halo, the ultimate summertime treat, is a collaboration of sweet and icy layers of caramelized banana sauce, rich coconut strings of macapuno jam, refreshing shaved ice, sweetened evaporated milk, and topped with slices of creamy leche flan.

Photo from Manam

Manam’s pampalamigs bring together some of the most enjoyable local fruit flavors: ube + sago, mango+pomelo+sago, or strawberry + kamias, all freshly brewed!

Photo from Locavore

Locavore’s cool take on well-loved pinoy desserts – chocnut bars and iskarambol or ice scramble, a street side treat – bring childhood memories to a new generation. Evoke memories of your childhood and have a quick and easy way to get your Chocnut fix from Locavore! A nice smoothie to cool you off during these hot summer days.

Frozen desserts – ice cream, gelato, sherbet, frozen yoghurt, and sorbet – are great ways to keep cool during the hot summer months and beyond.

Photo from Cold Stone

Cold Stone’s premium ice cream is made fresh in every store, churned from the finest ingredients, and topped with your choice of candy, fruit, and nuts, making it one of the best tasting made-to-order ice cream.

Photo from Iceberg

You know what’s refreshing for a hot summer day? It’s Iceberg’s tropical banana ice split – a new take on the all-time favorite Banana Split.

Photo from Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar’s ice cream bars are cold and creamy with the caramel-y flavors of Tiger Sugar’s signature drink.

Photo from Nuki’s

Nuki Churros and Gelato is known for its intensity of flavors. Try their grape sorbet!

And if you’re health-conscious, you can try frozen yoghurt which is lower in fat and calories than ice cream.

Photo from BLK 513

There is BLK 513, a Charcoal enhanced Frozen Yogurt. Try their black side cup frozen yoghurt!

Photo from Llao Llao

Did you say froyo? Enjoy this super creamy froyo from Llao llao on a hot summer day! Llaollao is a Spanish frozen yogurt brand that comes with a wide range of toppings and sauces – perfect for the heat.

Photo from Overdough’s

Overdough’s yoghurt ice cream in fruit blends. Their frozen yoghurt ice cream comes with a special fruit blend of strawberries, bananas, and chia seeds.

Photo from Koomi

Guiltless pleasures are Kooming your way with these yoghurt treats from Koomi! Check out their refreshing yogurt drinks in Aussie Blend (tangier) and the Filipino Blend (sweeter blend) flavors.

Other ways to keep cool this summer:

Photo from J.Co

Keep your summer cool with an Iced Mocha from J.Co Donuts.

Photo from Salad Stop

Feeling the summer heat? Stay chill and hydrated with these sunny slush drinks from Salad Stop! Salad Stop’s freshly brewed smoothies like Sunny Slush are blended with the freshest fruits and have the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

Photo from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

If you want a more flavourful smoothie, try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Lightened Iced Matcha with ceremonial grade matcha and classic vanilla powder.

Photo from Jamba Juice

Mix things up by adding fruits and granolas with these superfood smoothies from Jamba Juice! Jamba Juice also has superfood smoothie tubs to choose from like Creamy Strawberries Wild, Banana Berry Blush, Mango-a-go-go Whirl’d, and PB is a Moo’d, the BGV (Berry Good Vibes), PB but Better, and Tropical Dreamin’.

Beat the summer heat with cool refreshments and desserts at the SM Mall of Asia Complex!

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