Where to Get Free Condoms Around the Metro

Article by: Angela Cortero / Photos by: Lisa Marie David

It’s a pretty touchy subject, but it’s definitely a crucial step to take, especially in today’s era where millennial sex is so remarkably casual.


The lovely volunteers from LoveYourself graced us with their phenomenal idea of giving out free boxes of condoms with water-based lubricants in discreet receptacles or “depots” throughout the metro. Through the Safe Space app, those who feel the need or motive to obtain a box or two can locate the nearest sex-positive establishments to their current location with a Safe Space depot installed for the provision of free condoms and lubricants (tyg).


Safe Space PH is available on the Google Play store and the App store. You can download it here, too!

Here’s why you should avail of this condom service:

5. Just like it says on each box, everybody needs one.

For those who are engage in sex pretty often, it’s a must to carry these around because, according to the triangle of self care, the correct and consistent use of condoms is a must (along with timely testing and treatment, as well as safe and satisfying sex) in order to ensure good sexual health.

Carrying around protection is also convenient for unexpected sexual encounters and is a good way of promoting safe sex to any partner you may come across! Also, it’s important to save yourself from any regrets and reduce the risk of unwanted circumstances, in general.


4. For HIV and STI prevention

As of September 2017, there have been a total of 936 newly diagnosed HIV cases reported in the Philippines. That’s a 140% increase in the number of new infections over the past 6 years! By committing to the consistent and correct use of condoms, you can spare yourself from the trouble of unwanted diseases, and enjoy worry-free intimacy.

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3. You shouldn’t fall victim to the stigma.

So you want to be safe, but are afraid of being judged by the seller at the counter looking at you from head to toe, or by the person behind you in line, or even by the security guard by the door giving you that agonizing stare? “Ugh, can you not?!”

The pressure can be so intense, particularly if it’s your first time or when you look younger than your age. Fortunately, that stigma can’t stop you from getting those rubbers through Safe Spaces! Safe Spaces doesn’t limit these goods to a specified age bracket or gender, so literally anyone and everyone is encouraged to approach their depots.


2. This means you are proactively loving yourself and managing your sexual health.

According to Prep Pilipinas’ project and data manager Danvic Rosadiño, we have to love ourselves by mingling with other people who also love themselves in order to multiply joy. It’s all in your self positivity. When you put your sexual health as top priority, you’re giving your body the extra love and care it needs!

1.  You should actually be proud because uhm… who’s hitting a home run tonight?


That’s right honey, it’s you.