WhenInManila.com Reaches 8 Million Impressions Per Day

In my role at Makati based digital marketing company, True Logic Online Solutions I see a lot of different website, blog and Facebook page traffic insights. As a resident digital marketer and fan of WhenInManila.com, I rarely see publications with the amount of fervent social prominence.

Over the last year or more, those of you that live and work in Manila (or around the country for that matter) have probably seen many WhenInManila.com posts go viral online, not only in it’s news and current event coverage, but also in the interaction with the publication.

Where else would you go to get the best possible review of a restaurant, resort or social news coverage? (That’s a rhetorical question.) I particularly love the published reports of people busting corrupt police around the city. (Yes Koji, that confusing traffic sign is the police being corrupt.)

What’s more interesting is that this platform opens the local online landscape for tons of great opportunities for the public as a whole. Social change, social responsibility, crowdsourcing and all kinds of other much needed things. Pretty exciting time in the Philippines.

With some digging here are some insights into just how much reach the publication has.

Likes Engagement

If you don’t know by now, listen up. Engagement is much more valuable than likes. Think about it. Someone actually choosing to post something on their very well crafted wall, and vouch for the piece of content…now that’s valuable.

Over the past few months the share stats have been growing significantly. Now the blog is getting almost 50,000 shares per day.

WhenInManila.com Share Stats


WhenInManila.com Reaches 8 Million Daily

What interesting about this figure is that it’s 100% organic. Meaning, over 8 million people are seeing posts from the last few days naturally from sharing, liking, commenting, etc.

The blog growth over the last quarter, and specifically the last month has more than tripled.

WhenInManila.com Total Reach


 Check out what cities are the biggest fans. Quezon City gives love to WIM the most (assuming the top choice “Manila, Philippines” is a complete metro reference).

WhenInManila.com By City Fans


Great job WIM team, keep up the good work.