WhenInManila.com Hits Another Milestone with 4 Million Views Per Month

WhenInManila.com Hits Another Milestone with 4 Million Views Per Month


WhenInManila.com is proud to announce that it hit another milestone by getting over 4 Million (4,000,000++) pageviews per month!

4 million

Last month, we also hit another milestone by getting over 3 Million pageviews per month. Just a month has passed and another million hits was added.

Last December 2013, we hit our one million unique views with 20,000,000+ impressions per week of Facebook. In February 2014, we doubled our reach on Facebook with FORTY MILLION: 40,000,000+ impressions per week.

We keep on growing and this is all THANKS to the community of dedicated writers, storytellers, and photographers who incessantly produce stories that we can share to the world, to our partner establishments who are always there to support us and of course to our millions of friends and loyal readers!


Screenshot from Google Analytics of WhenInManila.com hitting 4 million pageviews in a month. (Click image to see in full.)

This image shows that we are getting at least 40,000++ pageviews per day with several peak days at about 300,000++ pageviews per day.

Once again, THANK YOU to the team, the partner establishments, and most of all, to all our friends and readers! We would not have made it without YOU! 

WhenInManila.com was awarded as the #1 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010 and named one of the Rotary’s 10 Tourism Awardees for 2012, an honor shared with the likes of Zobel Ayala, Andrew Tan (chairman of Mega World & owner of Resorts World), Miguel Belmote (CEO of the Philippine Star) and more, for the 2012 batch. Additionally, we were awarded the title of “Ultimate Food Blogger” by Unilever / Sooo Pinoy organization. Furthermore, we were just named the Best Photo Blog and Microblog in the Philippines at the Globe Tatt Awards. 

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WhenInManila.com Hits Another Milestone with 4 Million Views Per Months