When In Paris: Top 5 Things To Do in the City of Love


When In Manila, bonjour!  For those of you planning a trip to Paris, the numerous sights might leave you confused and overwhelmed.  Well, not to worry as I share with you the top 5 things you should do if it’s your first time in Paris.


champs 2



1.  See the Eiffel Tower – There are many places to view the Eiffel   Tower.  If you have the money to spare, then join the queue which will take you to any of the 3 levels of the tower.  I personally went to the 2nd level which was too high up for me.  For lack of a budget to go up the Eiffel Tower, why not enjoy the view in the Tower grounds?  Trust me when I say that you need not join the long queue and pay the expensive entrance fees to admire this amazing work of art.  Try to go at night so you can witness the lights show where you will see 20,000 lights wrapped around the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the night sky.    





2. Take the Paris City Tour – The best thing about taking a city tour is you can hop on and off from one Paris landmark to another.  Depending on whether you purchase a 1, 2, or 3 day pass, the tour bus takes you to all the sights all at once or at your own pace.  What I like about the Paris City Tour is I don’t need to take a taxi or train to my hotel.  I simply hop off the landmark closest to my hotel and walk back!      


city tour1



 3.  Go to Champs Elysees – This famous avenue in Paris has everything to offer to tourists from cafes to restaurants, luxury shopping outlets and fast food joints.  Whether your budget is simply for  a burger at McDonald’s or high end dining at Fouquet’s, Champs Elysees has got you covered.   If you can’t afford the macarons at Laduree, you can buy at McCafe.  I’ve tried it and it’s as good as the real thing! 


 champs elysees1



4.  Have coffee and  go people watching – In Paris, I wondered why almost all restaurants with room to spare always had tables and chairs facing the street.  Then, it dawned on me that the French take their coffee seriously.  We had lunch at one cafe and noticed most locals simply ordered coffee and literally “people watched”.  Hmmmmm, sounds a bit similar to our emerging coffee and people watching culture doesn’t it?  Try to have a cafe au lait and croissant while people watching.





5.  Take a cruise down the River Seine – What better way to cap off your visit than taking a romantic cruise with your loved one down the River Seine.  It’s tradition to take the river cruise and the best time to go is at night when the beauty of Paris is more breathtaking.


   e river seine1



Well, I hope this brief article helps you choose at least one thing to do in the City of Romance.  There’s more to see in Paris (like the Louvre Museum, Montparnasse, Notre Dame Church, etc.) apart from what I’ve written.  Plan your trip well so you cover the places you dream of seeing.  It’s only natural to have some misadventures when you’re in a foreign place.  Simply relax, enjoy and go where the tides bring you!  Au Revoir!



When In Paris: Top 5 Things To Do in the City of Love